1st Annual Cinco De Mayo PUP Crawl., DJ Jen Ha, Tonality

1st Annual Cinco De Mayo PUP Crawl.

The District, Corona, Cuervo, Pacifico, Ravvid.com, and Zimmer Radio Group proudly present the Cinco De Mayo PUP Crawl with all net wristband proceeds benefitting the Central Missouri Humane Society! Your $10 wristband gains you FREE entry & FREE soft drinks to all of Downtown’s Best Bars and Nightclubs with amazing pub crawl exclusive drink specials.

PUB CRAWL DRINK SPECIALS (Plus Free Cover/Free Soft Drinks)

Déjà Vu
2 for $5 pick any 2 mix and match: Cuervo Margaritas, Cuervo Shots, Corona bottles, Pacifico bottles FREE Red Bull with any Liquor Purchase, 2-1 Bombs

& Tonic

$2 Cuervo Shots $2 Coronas

$2.50 Cuervo Shots $2 Coronas/ Modelos/ Bud Lights
$2 Dos Equis drafts $3.50 Jumbo Margaritas 99 cent tacos

$2 Coronas $2 Cuervo shots $2 bottles & $2 doubles
& Fieldhouse

Blue Note

$3 Cuervo Shots $3 Corona bottles

Campus Bar
$3 Cuervo Shots $3 Corona and Pacifico Bottles

Tropical Liqueurs
$1off Frozen $2 Cuervo shots $1 Draws


$3 Cuervo Shots $3 Corona Bottles

$2 Coronas $2 Cuervo & Fireball Shots $2 Double Wells

Shot Bar
$3 Cuervo Shots $2 Corona & Pacifico bottles

$5.75 Cuervo Margaritas $3.25 Cuervo Shots $1.25 Coronitas/ $1 Tequila Shots


The Bridge
$5 combo pack Cuervo shot & Corona bottle $4 double wells
$2 PBR, Stag, & Miller Hi-Life $3 bombs

$2 Coronas $2 Cuervo shots

Penguin Piano Bar
$4 Cuervo Shots $1.50 Montezuma Shots
$1.00 PBR Drafts $3 Coronas $2.50 Pacificos

Room 38
$2 Cuervo Shots $2 Pacifico & Corona Bottles
$3 Margaritas and Tequila Sunrises

With your Pub Crawl wristband on, you will enjoy discounted taxi rides and FREE District transfers!

Taxi Terry’s
$10 flat rate taxi rides to and from The Ditstrict if living within Columbia City limits

EnviteMe.com and The Party Bus
Both companies are providing FREE bus transports within The
District from 7 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. Busses will run in opposite directions following this path:

4th & Broadway East to 10th & Broadway then
South to 10th & Cherry St. then West to 4th & Cherry then
North to 4th & Walnut then East to 10th & Walnut then
South to 10th & Elm then West to 5th & Elm then
Head back to 4th & Broadway & repeat

Simply put two busses will be constantly running East/West on Broadway, Cherry, Walnut, & Locust between 4th & 10th streets making stops by all bars.

Wear your Pub Crawl wristband around town during the day (retailer operating hours) on Saturday, May 4th and receive great bargains at some of Columbia's finest local retailers and restaurants!

*denotes dogs are welcome to visit businesses on this day to raise awareness for the hope of raising money for CMHS!

*Acme 25% discount
*Elly’s Couture 15% discount
*Gotcha 20% discount
*Ewers Tires/ Goodyear $5 off oil change
*Alpine Shop 15% off ALL Apparel and Footwear
*Calhoun’s 20% off any single item
*Make Scents 20% discount
Bangkok Gardens Buy 2 entrees get an appetizer FREE
Dungaree’s Free Carhart Bandana just for visiting store
Good Nature 10% off all alcohol purchases


Tickets Available at the Door

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The Blue Note (MO)


1st Annual Cinco De Mayo PUP Crawl., DJ Jen Ha, Tonality

Saturday, May 4 · 10:00 PM at The Blue Note (MO)

Tickets Available at the Door