John Grant

John Grant, a man from Denver, sang in a band called The Czars. They were at times incredible and yet the sole reason if I am honest, for working with them was John Grant. He just does have one of the best male voices out there. Up with Neil Young, Robin Pecknold, Josh Tillman, Scott Walker… I could go on. His voice is so beautiful it makes you cry. It just does.

When The Czars broke up, John moved up to New York for a change of scenery and found himself playing support to Flaming Lips and Midlake on a few USA shows. Well they became very good pals and Midlake became determined, nay obsessed with helping John out, recognising like me that it was close to a crime that John remained unknown outside a very small cult number. So they brought him to their hometown of Denton, Texas, and so he lived there for some months, working with them all on his solo record, in the spare moments when they weren't working on their own new album.

I am not even going to go there, but all I am going to say that the Queen of Denmark is one of the most brilliant debut solo records you're going to hear next year, and a collaboration made in heaven. John's piano and voice with Midlake's backing? Too too good to be true. The album is being mixed right now by Midlake mixer Matt Pense and well… I said I am not even going to go there… you just wait now.

Judson Claiborne

Following his self-released solo debut, Before Midnight Scholar, Chicago's Judson Claiborne is a "reclamation of a name" given to him by his father. He continues to document the phenomenon of personal transformation with Time and Temperature, the new record on La Société Expéditionnaire. The distant melancholy familiar to listeners of Low Skies (Judson's previous band) has grown into emerging layers of song in the tradition of troubadours, journeymen, country-western stars and master-less wanderers. Time and Temperature is the finest blend of indie folk with progressive abandon, as the ghosts of the Great Ones smile down on Judson Claiborne with a nod and a wink.
The songs are mostly narratives about strange and beautiful travels, encounters, adventures, family, lovers, and dreams.

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