Julieta Venegas, LOS DESPIERTOS

Julieta Venegas

Many can play rock n' rock and come out looking like pros. Yet only a
handful can capture the spirit of rock: catchy melodies, pulsating beats,
romantic rebelliousness. Rock is an art, and in capable hands, by twisting,
mixing and mashing different elements, a great artist can make a wholesome
sound. It is called musicianship, and Julieta Venegas has a lot of
musicianship to spare. She is foremost a musician who happens to plays great
rock. Some may say she can also write and sing pop music without betraying
her rock roots. And it's true. In any case, she's a wonderful performer with
a unique style and vision.

Born and raised in Tijuana, the legendary border town in Baja California,
Julieta heard music all the time while growing up: blues, jazz, rock,
mariachi, pop, rhythm & blues, norteña music, boleros and much more.
Tijuana, you see, is one of those places where radio stations can capture
the sounds of the North, while letting the imaginations of local musicians
ring free.

So it was no accident Julieta wanted to become a musician. In fact, she was
the only one of five siblings to take music as a way of life. Her parents were
both photographers, and loved the arts, but young Julieta went a step
further by studying classical music and piano at an early age. She also
studied theory, cello, and singing, which she did with such a passion that many thought she
would be a teacher, or maybe a classical concert performer.

But rock and pop were part of her life already. So much so that when she
began her formal training at the Escuela de Música del Noroeste, and later
at the South Western College of San Diego, Julieta applied the fundamentals
of classical music to her rock aesthetic.

Actually, it was in high school where a friend of Julieta invited the would
be rocker to become part of the group Chantaje, which would later become the
mythical Tijuana No, a band that brought ska and reggae to the forefront of
rock in Espanol. The band worked only two years, but Julieta continued
playing on and off with two members of Chantaje, Luis Güereña and Alex
Zúñiga. With Zuñiga she wrote 'Pobre de ti,' a sort rock anthem with a
catchy melody and sing along spirit.

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