Faceasaurus Rex, Halfro, Platinum Mustache, Greg Sover

Platinum Mustache

Electric-Soulful and intense describes the unique sound of Platinum Mustache. A fusion of raw soul a dash of funk with a pinch of Rock and Hip Hop makes anyone a believer.

Known for his unique personality, guitar playing, incredible wordplay and distinctive voice, Greg Sover is not only here to be heard but also to be remembered as one of the best. The Brooklyn-born, Philly-raised musician has a sound like no other. His musical influences are Jay-Z, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few. No one expects this guy from the streets to be a rocker, but he is a pure genius when it come to producing, songwriting, and, last but not least, guitar playing.
Greg Sover is a true singer/songwriter, just a well-rounded individual. He says, "The struggles and passions in my life are what made me understand other people's struggles and passions in life. Being the musician that I am, I just write about them." He feels that music today is lacking feeling and soul. "What happened to relating? No one knows how to relate anymore," says Greg Sover". He knows how to captivate an audience. Not one person expects him to play rock music and play his guitar the way he does. People just stand in amazement. He knows how to get his point across. "I feel that I am capable of changing the music business as we know it," says Greg Sover. His style and his approach to music are new, fresh, and different. The world needs to hear him and to witness a real artist at work.

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Faceasaurus Rex, Halfro, Platinum Mustache, Greg Sover

Tuesday, May 14 · 7:00 PM at North Star Bar