The Skull

The Skull

The Skull features original member of Trouble- vocalist Eric Wagner along with longtime bassist Ron Holzner. The Skull is here to do one thing... rock you with the sounds and spirit of Trouble -past-present-future

Trouble was formed in 1979 by guitarist Rick Wartell and was joined by guitarist Bruce Franklin, vocalist Eric Wagner, bassist Tim Ian Brown, and drummer Jeff Oly Olson. Ian Brown was replaced by Sean McAllister in 1983 and, later, by Ron Holzner in 1987.


Devoted, Committed almost Preordained. Since 2001, Kastasyde has cranked original, inventive songs from the heart integrating their raw sophisticated talent. Blending Metal and Melody, Fury with Finesse to the tune of blistering, maniacal yet always well thought out material. Their brutally crafted sound strikes a nerve with Metal fans everywhere. The obscene, uncensored energy of a live show is infectious as is evidenced by their rapidly growing fan base. While they maintain legiancy to their Metal roots, the music continues to evolve into much more than any one genre can contain. After numerous changes in the lineup over the years due mainly to a lack of commitment they now have the strongest and most dedicated lineup, and by far the most talented. Determined to be heard...Kastasyde is here to stay so SPREAD THE WORD!! To Radio Stations (including college and internet radio): If you are interested in playing us please contact us. Discography-Ward 8 demo(2001), Breakin Bones ep (2003),Mobfest compilation (2005),Sacrifice demo (2005), Hundred Hollow Words, full length recorded at Studio One in Racine, Wisconsin (2006), True Agony demo recorded with Chris @ Studio One (2008).

Cokegoat was founded in Chicago during the summer of 2011. A tight knit group of six members feature three riff pregnant guitars that present a strong and progressive idea of what heavy music is. Combined with three very different voices, including a strong female presence, textural synths, dark bong rattling bass lines and adrenalized drums all define Cokegoat. With equal parts heavy, progressive, and beer, 2013 saw the release of the debut album “Vessel.” Invisible Oranges stated, “there is plenty to bang your head to, but the extra elements add texture and give the band an edge.” Open minds allow Cokegoat to push the boundaries of what is considered massive music as they re-enter the studio in early 2015.


Black4 consists of former members of Guiltrip (Curt and Jason), Hungry Onion (Bryan) and the drummer of Fist-a-Gon and Bello (Brian). The group was formed in 2011. Infusing various rock styles to create an ever evolving sound.

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