Flïïght + Enemy Airship + Boreal Hills


Fliight took off in late 2009, and is primarily a two man collaboration between Ted Sharp and Josh Cochran, though they often draft the help of others to bang a tambourine, sing, or charm the theremin. Both bandmates in groups like The Makeouts, The Pale Family, Highway Robbery and Cpt Captain, the two collaborate on Flight as a side project. It started in a shed as a two hour jam session with a running tape. This session resulted in a few tracks, one of which—Wirebird—made it onto the Yards and Gods Compilation Vol II released at the end of 2009.

Their sound pulls influences in from late 1960s and early 1970s krautrock bands like Ash Ra Tempel and Tago Mago era Can with some of the noise experiments of Faust. Songs have a stream of consciousness feel to them as Cochran and Sharp appear to share a brain that enables Cochran’s distortion washed guitar wails to groove amid Sharp’s lacerating percussion. However, unlike their German predecessors, Flight’s songs do not stretch ad infinitum. Rather, it makes an attempt to condense the usually sprawling genre for those with shorter attention spans. It’s digestible and deliciously krauty.

Enemy Airship

Enemy Airship formed in the summer of 2011 from the bones and vital organs of Nonreturner, mainstay and longtime linchpin of the Columbia MO music scene. The Slow Suggestive, the band’s recently-wrapped debut EP, is the sound of a band in swift ascent. The strummy sounds of C86 and Creation abound, and fans of the band’s former incarnation will note the carryovers: piquant guitar melodies; sharp, protean percussion; alternately plangent and empyreal vocals; all awash in synth and reverb.

Boreal Hills

Boreal Hills is a duo rock band that originates from Columbia, MO.

elusive Parallelograms

With a cryptic, mysterious band name like "Elusive Parallelograms," you'd better have the music and the lyrical content to back it up, and this band of five Midwestern friends has both in abundance roaring out of their amps every time they play – they've conjured a potent blend of modern, colorful psychedelic 'shoe-gazer' style rock full of great choruses, fast-paced electric guitars, and smartly introspective lyrics that are as fun to interpret as they are to sing along to.

Elusive Parallelograms' five members (EP for short) – guitarist/singer Andrew Foys, David Schessow on bass, Jonathan Hense on guitar/vocals, drummer Eric Reiter, and guitarist Stefan Dostanic – have brought back loud, rowdy and huge Indie rock on their recently released Modern Splendor album. The 11 songs on Modern Splendor all have a solid 'EP' sound running through them, but within the layers of each composition, elements of poppy psychedelia, gritty alternative rock and folky moments all co-exist happily as sonic arrangements without sticking strictly to the old "verse-chorus-verse" method of songwriting.

Based out of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, Elusive Parallelograms was founded several years ago as a basement band playing college parties, and they say they knew early on that they wanted to create some special music together. After recording a couple of early releases, EP came together to record the album and everything changes – what they call "way schizophrenic and short." One album later, Elusive Parallelograms musically comes in somewhere inside yet far outside the current rock trends of '60s revival bands and 'bedroom electro.' Modern Splendor is far more lucid and cohesive than the first album as it finds the band reaching a level of professionalism honed after playing hundreds of shows at venues that included CMJ, Summerfest, International Pop Overthrow Festival and MobFest.

They've grown together as band members and songwriters creating walls of sound built up around frameworks of individual vignettes – each song can and does stand on its own, but as a whole, their music feels more like a colorful, vibrant living creature – kind of like some newly discovered ultra-rare animal featured on one of those National Geographic specials.
Their sound and style of music stands out, much like their band name –Elusive Parallelograms –but unlike that rarely-seen colorful creature, they're not bound by some pre-configured form or shape, and they're not all that elusive… You just have to dig a little deeper into the words and the living walls of sound framing those words to let it fit into some time or situation in your life. Put their music on at some un-Godly loud level, see their colors and feel their vibrations, and wrap yourself around the surreal lyrics.

Feel the pure joy and expression of art these five guys have given you – it's something special. It's real music. It's an essential and powerful element of life.

Elusive Parallelograms is a catharsis – it's in the ear of the beholder.



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Flïïght + Enemy Airship + Boreal Hills with elusive Parallelograms

Friday, May 17 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Rose Music Hall