In Aeona

For the members of Boston's InAeona, the second half of 2011 is going to be a whirlwind. Wanderlust is striking again, so the band will be heading out for another national tour, this time in support of the recently recorded limited edition vinyl split with Seattle's He Whose Ox Is Gored. After returning from the tour, the band will hole up in drummer James Dunham's apartment to finish writing and recording the full-length followup to their fantastic 2010 EP Blue Sky All Day.

The band's debut EP showcases the kind of songwriting chops that only come with time. And that's for good reason. The band has been making music together for nearly a decade.

The songs on the album bounce back and forth between ethereal, crushing and hypnotizing, landing the band somewhere between Tool and M83. But comparisons like that don't do the band justice. Montreal music blog Hardtimes summed this up perfectly in their review of Blue Sky All Day: "...the thing I liked best about InAeona was the difficulty I had pinning down their sound into a neat, compartmentalized package."

The music hearkens to a time when writing big rock songs was an art form and not something meant to be packaged and marketed to sell beer and trucks.

The tour kicks off in Worcester and will take the band through the midwest and south, to the West Coast and back to the band's hometown of Boston, MA. Check the Concert section for more details.

Leering Heathens

"serious, authentic, gut-wrenching, actual factual rock ‘n roll,"
-Michael Byars via The Deli-Magazine.

-Smothered in Southard.

Actors & Actresses

Actors&Actresses straddle the line between slowcore and the most esoteric shoegaze, their boyish vocals bubbling up from beneath their textural treatises. They’re all glistening, gurgling guitars in no hurry to go anywhere, chiming, knelling, tickling, and floating in equal parts over minimal drums and bass (some of which sounds vaguely, but barely, electronic).

If you’re looking for a pop song, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’ve come to be gently lifted aloft, levitated by cascading guitars and mysterious moods...Actors&Actresses aren’t just putting on a show of it. They’re immersed, and you will be too.

~Jack Rabid, Big Takeover, Dec. 2009

The songs have layered guitars peppered with ambient sounds that help set the mood with melodic vocals. There’s hints of a shoegaze influence in some of the guitar parts and the songs are equally catchy and soothing at the same time. The music is really quite mellow overall but it’s the intricate song structures that make [Actors&Actresses] stand far above the hundreds of indie rock bands out there today...
...I was surprised by how often I reached for this record in the stack for repeated listens...
...Actors and Actresses turned out to be a wonderful discovery for the label and for myself.

~ MXV, The Punk Vault - November 2009

Almost like ambient rock, shadowy drums press against the elegantly poetic vocals of Scott Bennett who also plays bass. The bleak strains of guitarist Andrew Schiller are often heard intensely twisting against a rigid yet fully capable drum kit masterfully executed and made entrancing by Dave Sumner...

...Huge leaps of artistic sonic undulation make Arrows as multidirectional as its title. The other side of this musically poignant release is that the songs come alive by a sort of rare instrumentation and care in handling that proves itself righteous over and over.
~ Chanda Jones, Short and Sweet NYC, Sept. 2009

[A&A] fill a ton of space for a trio, without ever being even remotely heavy... ...It's like huge, post-metal, but with melodic shoegaze vocals and a couple Valium after all the bong rips - slowed down, but still complex. Something that's usually "crushing" is more like "soothing," with just a few details switched around.
...Overall, it works.
~Stuart Anderson, The New Scheme



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In Aeona with Existem, Leering Heathens, Actors & Actresses

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