WRITER + Mystic Braves + Corners + QunQ

People say there's something about brother music, an ingredient that makes the harmonies soar higher and the beats slam harder. It's not really something you can pin down or describe in words—it's something you have to hear. Whether it comes from siblings growing up sharing a room, or from a listener hoping for something different, Writer has it. The Brooklyn based duo Andy and James Ralph, bashes, crashes, strums and shouts its way through songs that are scummy cement floor odes to real life, sung through aquarium glass to the prettiest girls they'll never meet.

The band wasn't always just the brothers. The sonic limitations of being a duo didn't fit with their heavy vision, so James and Andy enlisted first one, then two, fellow musicians before realizing that they could make all the noise they needed on their own. This is perhaps most evident in their ultra frenetic live show, with James slamming away at a floor tom with a tambourine while pounding at the kick and playing a synthesizer—a true one man rhythm section—and Andy wailing into the mic and strumming his guitar or putting in time on keyboards. The brothers say they struggle with having only their own two hands to play with, particularly because they "try to record everything as close to live as possible," according to Andy, on a 4-track recorder in their house.

"A comfortable place between garage-rock and lo-fi surf-pop… these guys have definitely found a sound that works." - Filter Magazine

"...a Neil Young old vocal melody captured on a four track with sentimental scruff, some kinda dirty flanger, and SoCal fried noise aesthetics." - Impose Magazine

"A loud, scruffy bear hug of music, propelled by a refreshingly airy and organic drum boom paired with a liberally employed borderline haphazard tambourine shimmer." - Vice / Noisey

Mystic Braves

Horizons, time. The sad truths of society’s most accepted emotions. Dreams, insignificance. Events leading up to epiphanies, spells easily creating what should be. Stars sweeping across your soul with ideas of what the night will eventually hold, fears. The freedom of summertime, easy going lifestyles. Grooving beneath the everlasting moonlight glow. Frustration, beauty. Waiting, forever questioning. A desert tracking vacation spent hidden behind the shade of your own shadow, a psychedelic excursion we’re all checking in to.
– Sincerely, California

"Corners dismantled a classic L.A. punk sound—something between the Plugz and the Gun Club, and/or a slightly more alternate-world Repo Man soundtrack—and reassemble it for their own personal purposes." - L.A. RECORD

Heywood: guitar, vocals. Foye: bass. Hardy: drums

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WRITER + Mystic Braves + Corners + QunQ

Monday, July 29 · 8:30 PM at The Echo