Monday Night Residency with Hindu Pirates

Hin Du, out of Huntington Beach, includes five young dudes (all 18 to 21), who are fusing garage rock and blues...definitely in a similar vein as Fidlar, Allah-Las, The Soft Pack and Surfer Blood. They have all been friends since high school ( which was only about 3 years ago for most of them), where they also launched the band as well. The band has received great support from Hurley (4-son
g EP + performing at the upcoming US Open of Surfing with Grouplove and White Arrows). Recently, the guys opened for Delta Spirit and Tijuana Panthers at The Observatory, and have also performed with Allah-Las, Har Mar Superstar, JJMAZ, Gantez Warrior and many other local standouts at well-known venues in OC and LA

The Blank Tapes

"We discovered this lo-fi unsigned band - which somehow evokes Belle and Sebastian, Pavement, and The Black Keys - in a San Fran coffeehouse (just like the old days.) Quick, somebody sign them!" -ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

“The sunny sounds of L.A.’s Blank Tapes, who yoke a garage-pop sensibility to ferocious rock riffs.” -THE NEW YORKER

"The last time I saw him my most fundamental confidence in myself was shaken because half his set was songs so good I knew they had to be covers of bands I already loved, yet I did not know them and if I can't even remember songs by the bands I love then why am I even going out at night when there are a lot of boring forms I could be filling out instead? But these were all Adams originals and they pretty much sounded perfect, and I even went home and listened to everything Ray Davies ever recorded on his own just in case there was something I missed but there wasn't. He wears sloppy sweaters and his band showed up looking like they just rolled out of men's central holding and it was the first best show of the year." -LA RECORD

“The Blank Tapes. Full of lo-fi rock refrains you can get down to, “I’m Back” is the perfect tune to soundtrack your beach party” -UNDER THE RADAR

“Matt Adams and his band premiere perfect summer pop. The Blank Tapes are turning their sun folk sound into some of this summer’s best indie guitar pop, capturing the sound of golden West Coast pop like fire and lightening trapped in a jar.” -IMPOSE MAGAZINE

"Adams writes winsome pop tunes that snuggle up to you on the sofa and put a rosy glow in your cheeks. He's a traditional pop-rock craftsman, but Adams also has pronounced folk proclivities, with many songs exuding a delicate, campfire aura. They go down easy, like the sun." -OC WEEKLY

"The Blank Tapes songs felt like melodic escapism layered with harmonies – songs about plants, Santa Cruz hideaways, small faraway towns. Together they have good energy and stage presence which traverse into the audience. Both the performances on and off the stage were impressive." -THE DELI MAGAZINE SF

Beach Party

Founded in the fall of 2012, Beach Party was a smashed to basics garage punk band from the first night they played a pool party and the first morning they woke up drunk and wondering where those brand new head wounds had come from. This mystery was never solved but naturally, great things were in their future. While some may grumble at their name, LA's good times garage punks Beach Party have some cred behind them. Last year's single, "Can't Surf / Fun," was recorded by Ty Segall and the band have shared stages with Best Coast, Bass Drum of Death, and Black Lips. It’s the tough side of ‘60s garage, the too-smart-for-its-own-good part of first-wave punk and the jet-engine beginnings of hardcore, when a band like the Zero Boys could share a bill with the Ramones and everyone would go home happy and bloody. Which, funnily enough, is exactly the way Beach Party started in the first place.

Now, the band prepares to release their second EP, Ripper, recorded by Sonny Diperri (Portugal The Man, Hanni El Khatib,STRFKR).

Rainbow Jackson

If you’ve alighted anywhere near Echo Park in the past couple of years, you probably know Rainbow Jackson, the housemates/beer swillers/rock antagonists who take power-pop and turn it into a bar fight. By way of reintroduction, they are singer-guitarist Chad Carlisle, guitarist Sam Dagger, bassist Laith Khalaf and drummer Andy Ford, and after better than a year of teasing with singles and videos, they have a new EP coming on Feb. 18. “Perpetual Summer” showcases the band’s muscular licks and finds the quartet steering clear of the consciously lo-fi production quality of most L.A. retro-rockers. In its penchant for sonic pyrotechnics, Rainbow Jackson recalls the grit of ’70s pioneers T.
Rex and Badfinger, which isn’t a bad path to take if you want to have a smile on your face when the bartenders yell “last call.” - Kevin Bronson / Buzzbands.LA

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