Wild Leaves

Wild Leaves

Wild Leaves are a combination of psychedelic rhythm, sound and color. Five self-contained musical units converging to form a hypnotic river of sound. Channeling as much electricity through their amplifiers as any audience can bear.

Conveyors of energy, their powers lie in the alchemy of the group. Tough, tight and together. They restore an entrancing authenticity to modern music. Their sensibilities are fierce. The material manages to be both melodic and complex as spectral harmonies soar around lyrics steeped in mysticism.

Wild Leaves are known for their ability to transform rock into something more than words and music--something magic. Of course, that all depends on your willingness to be spellbound.


Alpenglow began in a small Vermont town when founding members Peter Coccoma, Graeme Daubert, Elori Kramer, and Kenneth Root shared songs in an old stone mill. Over the next two years, after adding bassist Colin Weeks, Alpenglow transformed original songs rooted in the folk tradition into a collection of finely crafted arrangements that are sprawling, moody, and wholly their own. Their music has been described as "swooning, harmony-laden stuff…laced with arcing fiddle, shimmering keys and healthy doses of ringing guitar punch." A hilltop chapel is both the inspiration and recording site for their forthcoming album. Their songs send listeners home to sleep soundly, knowing that somewhere, a resounding calm lies over the countryside.

Prairie Empire

Prairie Empire, who are split between Brooklyn and Portland, OR, and led by a vocalist with a very obvious (and very pretty) Joni Mitchell influence. The quintet play a '60s-style folk, replete with somber strings and downtempo percussion. And there is real beauty in the subtle details you need headphones to pick up on, like the sleigh bells jingling in the back of the chorus, or the faint digital vocal underlay on the outro. The melancholy air of "Snow" would perfectly soundtrack an afternoon of wistfully looking out the window at the treacherous streets below.


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Wild Leaves with Alpenglow, Prairie Empire

Sunday, June 9 · 8:00 PM at Cameo Gallery

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