Spaceship Aloha

SPACESHIP ALOHA is the vibrant new sonic move from Man Man drummer/producer Christopher Sean Powell (AKA Pow Pow, PayPow, Powserati). SA’s first release, Universe Mahalo, Vol 1 (Data Garden), presents a kaleidoscope of lush melodies and joyous electronic rhythms inspired by Hawaii’s musical landscape. SA's live show is bursting with elements of vivid beats, refreshing sounds, and adventurous improvisation - all performed on an ecosystem of synthesizers, sequencers, electronic drums, and live percussion. This new project continues with the wild energy of Powell’s explosive performances in Need New Body & Man Man, with a “future tropical” twist.

Tim Fite lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He makes music and art in equal measure. No matter how hard he tries to make serious music, someone always ends up laughing. No matter how hard he tries to make funny artwork, someone always ends up wearing a black turtleneck. Most recently, Fite was praised in the New Yorker for his musical/visual contribution to the Brooklyn Philharmonic Outside/In fellowship program, "The standout piece at that event was "CopyCat," an ode to a runaway feline, by the singer-songwriter Tim Fite; at once satirical, dreamlike, foulmouthed, and bittersweet, with rugged string quartet writing to match, it was a feral original creation." All that being said - when Fite isn’t drawing or singing, he is still scared of being swallowed by the dark. He is also scared of being eaten by dogs. But, he is not (and never will be) scared of being himself.

Andrew Jeffery Wright

Andrew Jeffrey Wright is a current and founding member of Philadelphia's Space 1026 art collective. His works include painting, animation, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, video, installation, screen printing and performance. Yes, performance! Wright has been doing comedy performances for since 2006. He has opened for Fred Armisen, Lightning Bolt and has toured as the opening act for Man Man. Wright has said about his performances, "I do art jokes, which are similar to regular jokes, but less people like them."



All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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Spaceship Aloha with Tim Fite, Andrew Jeffery Wright

Saturday, May 18 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:15 PM at Johnny Brenda's