"...absolutely twangy, good old-fashioned American rock & roll - a sound that makes sense when you consider their name, a combination of "hippy" and "redneck." Their enthusiasm for their craft is obvious and infectious. Remember the name, because this band is going places," Jambase.com

The sound has been called a "jambalaya" by press and "country fried jam" by fans alike. Take it from the name, The Hipnecks, which combines the words "Hippie" and "Redneck" as affectionately as it unites trucker hats and flip-flops. Within that sentiment lays their genre-bending approach to making music. Music that is, in every way, firmly rooted beneath their feet in the fertile floodplains of the American Midwest. Rock & roll with hues of bluegrass. It is twangy. It is Ozarkian. It is most certainly Missourian - and there is nothing to the contrary about it.

No sooner than their first performance in 2004, the Hipnecks broke ground on their debut album, Just Another Fine Day, and released it feverously in April of 2005. After selling over 300 copies the night of the release show, the band scoured the Midwest for several years completing small tours that brought them as far out as Colorado's Front Range and won a national competition for best unsigned band along the way. In April of 2008, The Hipnecks released their sophomore album, American Night, on Home Tone Records which introduced heavy harmonies, mandolin, piano, and organ into their sonic landscape. Wes Wingate (vocals/piano/organ) was recruited to support the additional instrumentation on the album, and the band toured as a six piece thru 2010.

Over the following year, The Hipnecks bid farewell to several founding members; co-frontman Scott Anderson, bassist Ryan Renne, and drummer Zach Stubbs. Midwest powerhouse drummer Danny Carroll immediately volunteered to take the helm on drums, and Pat Kay's brother, Bryan Kay, joined the group on bass and vocals. Amidst these lineup changes, the band managed to release four singles; Mighty Mississippi (2010), Sni-A-Bar Stomp (2010), Trainstops & Alleyways (2011), and the gypsy ballad, Svata (2012), which features Molly Healey from Big Smith on fiddle. Molly joined the ranks of the band on fiddle, cello, and vocals around the same time as the song's release.

"... a beautifully harmonized band. There's enough intelligent songwriting here to merit attending any Hipnecks live performance," -Comomusic.com

"The band members are small-town Midwestern guys with serious musical training, and their genre-bending tunes pay as little attention to pigeon holes as they do." –Vox Magazine.

The Stone Sugar Shakedown

The Stone Sugar Shakedown, a 5-piece Funk, Rock, Jam band from Saint Louis, Missouri, was united by a love of musical exploration, improvisation, & getting soulfully nasty.

The group's sound involves consistent interplay between instruments and the musical chemistry of its members. There is a constant balance of form and flow, structure and spontaneity, stone and sugar.

Since Fall 2009, The Shakedown has played a great deal of shows and festivals around the Midwest including Camp Zoe's Schwagstock, 2010 7 2011 Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, and has shared the ticket with bands like: Dumpstaphunk, Victor Wooten, Cornmeal, Whitewater Ramble, moe., Umphrey's McGee, Steel Pulse, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Yonder Mountain String Band, Papadosio, The Avett Brothers, The Schwag, Melvin Seals & JGB, and Zappa Plays Zappa.

Everyone could enjoy The Shakedown's music. It welcomes people of all ages, genders, types, and backgrounds. Thus, the audience is ever expanding. At the shows, the group wants its fans to let their minds wander, and feel free to become just as much a part of the collective vibe as the musicians onstage.

This wave's getting bigger and bigger, and there's no slowing the momentum.


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MINORS: $2 cash surcharge at the door for anyone under the age of 21.

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