JuiceheaD is a three-piece power-punk trio hailing from Chicago, IL. The band consists of Rob Vannice: vocals & guitar, Tommy Kloss: bass and Mike Garelli: drums. Vannice founded the band and serves as the group's songwriter.

JuiceheaD formed in late 2003 forged from the ashes of several local punk bands and fused a unique union of skilled playing and solid song writing. Rob Vannice had been active in the Chicago underground since 2000 in various bands, but found a secret weapon in Tommy Kloss, a classically trained guitarist turned bass player with who he had been honing the JuiceheaD sound. With the addition of Mike Garelli on drums, the three-piece catapulted into ear bleeding abandon and reached the next level. JuiceheaD has toured all across North America including the Misfits Records Fiend Fest tour and several regional and national treks with surf-punk pioneers Agent Orange.

The band was signed when they caught the attention of Misfits Records co-founder/co-owner, producer John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar). Cafiero had their 16 track DIY recording "The Devil Made Me Do It" re-mastered and released worldwide on Misfits Records to critical acclaim and success on the college radio charts. The group went on a national tour with the Misfits, Osaka Popstar, the Adicts, UK Subs and more.

Hotlips Messiah

HotLips Messiah is Chicago's premier mutant rock band. They have been a fixture on the Chicago punk and mutant rock scene for a decade and played legendary venues such as the Lounge Ax and the Fireside Bowl. Large venues like the Congress Theatre, and dinky little holes in the wall like the Big Horse. They have played with bands as obscure as Phil A. Sheo & the Goods and with bands as huge as the Misfits. With classic original bands like the Avengers and the Germs and with modern inspired schizos the Rotten Fruits, the Urinal Mints and the Functional Blackouts. Musically, they are a tornado of noise, filth and ass-shaking melody and catchiness. Lyrically, they use science fiction and sleaze as a blunt metaphor for the INhuman condition mankind finds itself in today.

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