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The Pistoleros

Comprised of Mark and Lawrence Zubia, Gary Smith, Thomas Laufenberg, and Scott Andrews. The Pistoleros recently released "Pistoleros", their follow-up to "Hang onto Nothing". As highly visible members of the community, The Pistoleros have appeared at the Chandler Ostrich Festival and the Tempe Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Block Party. Mainstays on Mill Avenue, they also appeared as the featured house band of the 1999 Arizona State Fair. For the millenium, they appeared with The Peacemakers, the Gas Giants, and others at the Phoenix Celebration 2000...

Dead Hot Workshop

Tempe, AZ-based singer/songwriter Brent Babb joined with drummer/bandleader Curtis Grippe to form the guitar-driven rock band Dead Hot Workshop in the early '90s. More than a decade (and four albums) later, the group remained one of the hardest-hitting bands on the West Coast. According to Roger Clyne of L.A.-based band the Peacemakers, "Music people in this city get as excited about what Brent Babb does as people did about what Dylan was doing in the '60s."

While their early sound centered on the two-guitar attack of Babb and Steve Larson and Babb's working-class-oriented lyrics, Dead Hot Workshop was forced to reorganize following the departure of Larson in June 1997. They recorded their second album, Karma Covered Apple, as a trio.

Dead Hot Workshop continued to shift personnel. When Brian Scott left in June 1998, he was replaced by ex-Dialectis bassist Steve Flores, and second guitarist Chris "Whitey" Whitehouse, formerly of the Satellites, was added

Over the last two years, Decker has played over 250 shows, touring relentlessly from his home in Sedona, AZ to Seattle, WA to Shreveport, LA and everywhere in between. Not confining his shows to music clubs alone, Decker is known to play free shows in cafes, farmer's markets and on street corners alike. In the midst of traveling 50,000+ in his Dodge Caravan, he has self-released three albums on his own local record label, Mescal Porch Records, and, in June, delivered his first-born son in his kitchen to boot. It's safe to say, Decker is amongst the hardest-working touring songwriters you've never heard of.

But he's doing his best to change that.

Decker has self-released 3 albums off of his Arizona indie-folk label Mescal Porch Records, all while touring the western portion of the country incessantly. He and his band are presently working on their fourth, self-titled album decker. due for release this November.

Decker crafts songs which find profundity in their naked sincerity. Not quite rock, not quite folk, his acoustic-based psychedelic Americana balladry draws upon a variety of influences; from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits, from Cat Power to PJ Harvey. Yet in the end, his music is unique and uniquely him, and that is his offering.

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