Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw’s penetrating melodies remain more contagious than an airborne virus and the harmonies give us those sweet, sweet roller coaster highs. The buzz of the guitars sets our blood boiling, the rhythm section pounds a hypnotic beat through our skulls and the familiar warmth of the keys wash over Spirit Desire in waves of fuzzy sound. Still, none of it would sound so memorable without the band’s subtle restraint and its ability to create tension and excitement in such a short amount of time. The songs on this 7-inch never pull their punches – they just keep you guessing when and where that knockout uppercut will land. Maybe the reason why Tigers Jaw impresses me so much is not for the qualities it shares with the previously mentioned touchstones but rather for the way it circumvents conventional notions of indie, pop and and punk while still keeping the proceedings high-energy, instantly engaging and a just little bit raw. It’s a skewed yet timeless approach to songwriting that makes the anticipation of whatever they do next that much more intense.

Pianos Become the Teeth

Pianos Become The Teeth has a melodic yet uncompromising sound that brings to mind such diverse and influential bands as Thursday, Envy and City of Caterpillar. Brimming with sincerity and brandishing an experimental ambiance, the band is pushing beyond the boundaries of a stale genre. Mixing elements of screamo, hardcore as well as post rock, Old Pride breathes new life into a once decaying scene

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Like many of their fellow Philadelphians, NONA call the punk scene home, yet are creating music seemingly more akin to the earnest alternative sound of the early ’90s. Think equal parts The Lemonheads, Veruca Salt, and Dookie era Green Day and you’ll be fairly close to the understanding their influences, but these comparisons only serve as a starting point; NONA‘s music feels remarkably original and current too.

NONA signed to 6131 Records with plans to release their wonderful debut full length, Through The Head, mixed and mastered by Jay Maas (Title Fight, Transit). The final result is an album providing a great, recorded representation of this incredible band. Now looking to the future, NONA will continue their quest to take their brand of infectiously poppy alt-rock to every basement and club that will have them, rocking all of them along the way.

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Tigers Jaw with Pianos Become the Teeth, Dad Punchers, NONA

Friday, June 21 · Doors 7:30 PM / Show 8:00 PM at First Unitarian Church

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