Nature Cruise

Laura Wilde Kane, Steven Nathaniel Leventhal, Eric Dell /////////////////////////////////// high school buds, all grown up, traveling through time


Originally hailing from the Bushwick Pita Palace, Sorry is a boy/girl quartet that plays guitar driven alt-rock loudly. Raised on a steady diet of bad modern rock radio, the group blends lucid, driving rhythms with melodies that run the gamut from bright, optimistic and composed, to dark, brooding and unstrung—sometimes within a single song. Like Kim Gordon boxing against Billy Corgan while Grizzly Man plays in the background, Sorry aims to stir, exhilarate, provoke, and then—perhaps—apologize.


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Cameo Gallery


Sri with Nature Cruise, Sorry, Dry

Tuesday, May 21 · 7:30 PM at Cameo Gallery

Tickets Available at the Door