Fates Warning

The legendary metal band Fates Warning began in the early 1980's playing a traditional style of heavy metal. However, they quickly began to adopt a more technically proficient style influenced by Rush and are considered by many to be the first true prog-metal band.

While the band has subsequently moved in more melodic and ambient directions, they have remained a vibrant and well-respected cornerstone for the prog camp within the heavy metal strata.

Halcyon Way


AWAKEN was formed in 2009 by vocalist Glenn DaGrossa founding member and chief songwriter , Awaken was signed to Mausoleum Records in June 2012 and released their self titled CD world wide in November of the same year. Awaken is a Power Metal band that Kerrang! magazine hailed as "one of the quintessential metal bands of our time." With DaGrossa's soaring vocals and stellar song craftsmanship, the blazing Guitar duo of Joe Todaro and Scott Bennett, and the powerful rhythm section of new members Bassist Greg Belmonte and Drummer Mike Marrone,
considerable national and international touring and recording experience under their collective belts, AWAKEN is primed for the world stage, ready to lead and redefining the lines of Power / Prog Metal.

In The Red

In the Red features Mike Hale on Guitar/Vocals and Matt Glasgow on Drums. We had earlier announced that we would be working with Mike on his next solo album. It is really exciting for us that in addition to his solo material, we will be also working with his rock band.

As I got to know Mike we had quite a few discussions about In the Red. Our friends at Kiss of Death released their debut album, Volume 1, and everyone at Suburban Home just loved the record. We also all really like Mike and honestly, it is very important that we have a good relationship with our acts. There was a little hesitation on behalf of Mike because many of the records we had released this year were singer/songwriter and/or Alt-country/Folk, but I reminded him that we have worked with a lot of rock bands including Ghost Buffalo, Stereotyperider, Love Me Destroyer, LaGrecia, and more and that with Vinyl Collective, we had released a lot of heavier acts. Luckily I convinced him to give us a shot and in 2009, we will be releasing their new album.

For those of you unfamiliar, Mike Hale had spent a lot of time in the No Idea Recording artist, Gunmoll. When Gunmoll disbanded, Mike moved to California where he started In the Red. If I had to compare In the Red's sound with a few bands, I would say that they would fit in nicely on a bill with Hot Water Music and Leatherface. They are an incredible band and I am so excited to be working with them.

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