Howlin' Bends

Formed in 2000, Howlin' Bends has 13 years of experience as a unit. Alex, Andrew, Daniel, and M.J. met each other in elementary school and decided to form a band in their freshman year of high school. After winning their high school talent show, the guys realized that they wanted to get serious about their music. These four have been growing together as musicians ever since. A 2007 stint in Nashville, TN, solidified their live sound and infused their tunes with a level of southern, blues rock, that they had not previously incorporated. Since 2010, the band has returned to Northern VA where they have rocked the DC-area music scene, expanded their songwriting, and just recently recorded a 3 song EP at Blue Room Studios in Bethesda, MD.

The band uses songwriting, recording, and live performance as an escape from the shackles of the 9-5 grind. They describe their style as alternative pop rock with a dash of the blues thrown in. M.J.'s rangy vocals and reflective lyrics combine with Andrew's wailing guitar, Alex's infectious drum beats, Daniel's relentless, impromptu bass lines, and the band's four-part, smooth, soulful harmonies to generate a collaborative, musically complex sound that is raw and authentic, yet exceptionally accessible.

These guys are sincerely passionate about making music and don't plan on stopping any time soon. Check them out and find out what it means to catch the Howlin' Bends.

A Guy N A Girl

AGuynAGirl, affectionately called “AGNAG” is one of those bands that you follow for the long haul. From the first time you hear them, you may find them reminiscent of some of the world’s most outspoken and phenomenal artists or bands to date. AGuynAGirl hails from Brooklyn, New York with a fond regard for their Caribbean heritage. AGNAG has also found a natural inclination to some of Rock & Roll heaviest hitters which is depicted in some of their harder tunes like - "Eskimo Brothers" and "Y I'm so mean." One of the most eclectic and melodious sounds that you will encounter, AGuynAGirl fuses Rock, Soul and Acoustics - guaranteed to leave you wanting and yearning for more.

About Guillano Armand

Armand was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY under the regime of a strict household. During his childhood, his parents saw it imperative to enforce the same restrictions that he had at home also at school and opted to send him to Catholic school.

"I didn't play with the kids" he said, "I felt so sheltered." During his years he never got close to many people and he never “ran” with a crew.

Guillano found himself inclined to listening to different genres of music to pass his time. Most of the music that he found himself listening to was not the typical expectation of a 80’s baby from Brooklyn, NY. Instead he became inclined to Rock n' Roll, Strings of Metal, Metallica, Led Zepplin and other classic sounds which became incessant throughout his early education and high school years.

Throughout this time he found himself learning more about how to create his own unique sound, as he taught himself how to play his now adoptive limb, his guitar.

Guillano attended a few schools before heading to Kingsborough Community College where he met “A Girl,” some of these schools including Nazareth High School, St. Francis and New York City Technical College.

Earlier in his career he did a few independent gigs with other NYC band such as “Modern Day Plague” and “I like it when you die,” but never really got the “fit” until a close friend introduced him to the “dread.”

“I swear, it was like we had sex without having sex. It just worked, and it definitely felt right.” says Guill who then enrolled at Kingsborough to study Computer Science, and started getting to know the one woman that would officially change his life, forever.

About Diandra Farquharson

Born in Brooklyn, New York one of five siblings, Diandra’s family transcended Caribbean ethnicity. The culture and traditions of such were heavily incorporated into her childhood and general upbringing. Before the age of 7, her eldest brother continuously carried her back and forth to Jamaica to visit family and friends.

The summer 1992 was one that she spent in Jamaica with her grandmother as she had become accustomed to doing. It was then they decided that Diandra should remain in the country and was enrolled at Vaz Preparatory School in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston.

Throughout her years at Vaz she began a journey that would mould her into the artist that she is becoming today. Starting high school by the age of 10, she attended Wolmer’s High School for Girls where she found herself heavily involved in performance and arts as she previously did at Vaz Preparatory.

While at Wolmer's she found herself performing at student produced concerts namely “6th Form Concert,” which drew an audience greater than the schools population. As a dancer then, there was a sense of rivalry between performers for who had the best act as some of Jamaica’s biggest sound systems and entertainers today were featured at these events. In 2002 included were International Sound Systems: Razz & Biggy and Coppershot alongside performances by Wolmerian alumni Wayne Marshall, just to name a few.

After completing high school upon receiving her diploma alongside other athletic awards, Diandra returned to NYC in 2003 where she began attending Kingsborough Community College and worked two jobs. While in college she was introduced to Guillano by a mutual friend and knew of him and his talents then.

In 2007 Diandra began to teach herself how to play the guitar by using mirrors and the internet. She then sought out Guillano for someone who could give her a more interactive lesson. After only one session with Adrian Inniamo, Diandra learned most of what she needed or had already taught herself. It was later on she invited Guill over to her apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which led to them writing their very first song.

“Every day is a learning experience with Guill and its funny, I simply watch him and learn more” says Diandra. In 2009, A Guy n A Girl was born.

In 2009 the band recorded their first single Heart at Ed Robinsons Studio in Flatbush, Brooklyn New York. They also released their E.P. Raw E.R.A in May 2011 recorded at Aqua Music Studios also in Brooklyn, New York.

By the fall of 2011 the band found an independent label that was able to become a home for them, in the following year, 2012 they signed to that label Golden Touch Entertainment Inc.

The band has since, recorded an album and is currently preparing the album for an introduction to the world.



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