Secret Chiefs 3

Secret Chiefs 3 have existed in various incarnations over the course of the past eight years, and have served as the funnel for Spruance's remarkably far-flung studies of the hermetic mysteries and musical traditions of unknown and underappreciated subgenres. Album titles like Grand Constitution and Bylaws and Book M hint at the music's vaguely metaphysical bent. Over three years in the making, Book of Horizons is Secret Chiefs' most expansive and coherent statement, an alchemical fusion of Morricone-esque cinematic grandeur, midnight surf guitar, traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and time signatures, demonic death metal, and electronic deviance that yields a work of undeniable force. -Jonathan Zwickel, Pitchfork

NOTE: Two show passes ($30) are available for purchase and give purchasers entry to both Evening with Secret Chiefs 3 shows at The Crocodile (5/8) & The Sunset (5/7) and $10 off full price tickets for both shows. These tickets are only available in advance. Limited quantity available.

$20.00 - $30.00


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