Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls

The recurring theme throughout Tape Deck Heart, Frank Turner’s fifth album, is change. Those who have followed Turner’s career since he went solo in 2005 won’t be surprised. After 1,400 incendiary live shows and four acclaimed albums, last year saw the musician previously known as a punk poet become (whisper it) a sort of pop star. From a fake Glastonbury Tor, Turner performed at the Olympics Opening Ceremony. He headlined Wembley Arena. He sold more than 100,000 copies of his fourth album, England Keep My Bones, which entered the UK charts at No 12 on its release in 2011.
Turner, of course, would never describe himself as a pop star. He prefers the word ‘entertainer’, with its tradition of vaudeville, theatre and music hall. His emergence from the underground he still adores – and still regards himself as part of – was tinged with trepidation. “Insane things have happened since England Keep My Bones came out,” he says. “The success I’ve experienced was entirely unexpected. It made me think about where I started and where I’m heading. It made me wonder if I could continue as a musician with integrity influenced by punk rock while doing arena tours. The answer I concluded is yes, obviously, or I wouldn’t be here.”

The Architects

On their fourth album, The Hard Way (Skeleton Crew) The Architects have hammered out another batch of songs steeped in bitter Kansas City tap water and fortified with stone cold badass. Still stubbornly free of gimmicks, costumes and celebreality bullshit, The Architects are all piss and vinegar and good tunes, delivered with guts and authenticity…just as it should be.
The lyrical core of The Hard Way is drawn from the deep pools of songsmiths like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Tom Petty, while the roaring, crashing sonic inspiration comes from the likes of The Clash, AC/DC, The Replacements and The Who- purveyors of glorious fist-pumping racket one and all, and classically anti-heroic in their dedication to rock and roll as a high principal, a sacramental catharsis and an express ticket to either glory or the grave. An ethos clearly shared and embraced by The Architects boys.

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Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls with The Architects, Beans on Toast

Thursday, June 6 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at Rams Head Live