Hunters. is a San Francisco alt-folk band.

We’ve just finished our second album, Treeline.

It’s about love and breakups and liars and cheats and mental illness and housing shortages and we even have a song about a best selling novel on there.

In the past, some small music websites have said things like this about us:

“Their brand of folk music is second to none!”

“If you’re a fan of alt-country you’re going to fall in love with this. It’s likely that it will be your best friend on your next big road trip.”

But we think you should come listen to us and see what you think.

For a taste, you can check out our first album here:

Dorian Finch (closing set)

Dorian Finch, a rootless Bay Area transplant from California's Central Valley, writes angsty dream-pop ballads, twee punk crush-songs, and coming-of-age folk operas for more instruments than she knows how to play. Dorian and her Korg synthesizer are the only constants in a shifting band of friends and collaborators.

Dorian first started songwriting in 2010; a couple hundred songs and several sidewalk shows later, she finally began the arduous recording process for her first concept album,Young Ironsides. A lo-fi demo version of this album came out in May 2012, with the official release soon to come.


Based out of San Francisco, Mosaics formed in late 2012 from what originally began as a solo project recorded in a cramped bedroom. Playing breezy, summer-tinged indie rock that is best enjoyed with a cold beer, the group has begun performing at venues in and around the Bay Area in support of their upcoming EP set for release this summer.


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Hunters. with Dorian Finch (closing set), Mosaics

Sunday, May 12 · 8:00 PM at Hotel Utah

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