Bro Safari, Jantsen, World Class Art Thieves

Bro Safari is the alter-ego of DJ and producer, Knick. He's already well-known and deeply established in the music scene as a result of his work with leading American Drum & Bass group Evol Intent. Not to mention, his wildly popular output as 1/2 of the genre-bending mash-up duo, Ludachrist.

While his production work spans the entire spectrum of bass music, Bro Safari has been relentless at pushing his unique take on the burgeoning Moombahton movement. As a result, Bro Safari is currently ushering in a new wave of listeners to the genre and he is set to be an early champion of this new scene.

With support from artists like Diplo, DJ Craze, Knife Party and more, it's becoming increasingly apparent that Bro Safari is someone to keep an eye on in 2012 and beyond.

Jantsen's music has been pushing the scene forward for over 7 years. Producing music full time from his Boulder, Colorado home, Jantsen has established a strong presence with his eclectic sound. Jantsen's music is noticeably influenced by many genres of music including jazz, blues, funk, rock, hip hop, and anything else the world has to offer. Jantsen brings a style that is dangerously creative, uniquely expansive, and is continuously evolving. His elevated vibe and contagious stage presence make his live performance FACE-MELTING and UNFORGETTABLE!!! Unreleased Jantsen tracks from his upcoming EP -"Sultan of Swing"- (being released on TrueMovement) are being played on stages near you by the likes of: Rusko, Datsik, Downlink, Trolly Snatchca, and of course, your boy Jantsen!!!!!! Stay tuned for updates and free downloads of new jantsen tracks and unreleased remixes.

World Class Art Thieves

The group found its' beginnings when Dylan Howe left the University of Minnesota-Duluth to put fuller focus on his music. Dylan then encouraged his long-time friend, AJ Norman to enroll with him at the Institute of Production and Recording in Downtown Minneapolis, where the two were able to progress their abilities in pursuit of launching the newly formed group into the stratosphere.

Initially inspired by various artists in the mash-up genre, such as Girl Talk, World Class Art Thieves, (also known informally as WorldCat), endeavors to create a gourmet twist to mash-ups; pulling from an extremely wide variety of music and styles to weave and concoct their tunes. But in the next year, the WorldCAT embarks on a new journey to showcase their production skills far and wide. With plans on releasing an all original EP, featuring "Super-Hi Vision", and touring the United States, 2012 aims to be the BIGGEST year for the WorldCAT yet.


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Bro Safari, Jantsen, World Class Art Thieves with Electrocity

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