Patrick Davis

Patrick Davis’ newest studio album “Red, White & Blue Jeans” (Released Oct. 28th, 2014) is the 4th full length release by the accomplished Nashville based, South Carolina bred, singer-songwriter & is a project Davis calls “my most complete & well rounded grouping of songs, recordings & performances to date”. Davis states “I wanted to build an album the way folks used to make em’ so I took a bit longer with the process, recorded 24 total songs before cutting those 24 down to the batch you hear on the final regular & deluxe versions of the project. I also tried my damndest to make sure the songs I wrote and chose for “Red, White & Blue Jeans” were tight & connected, in both music and feeling.”

Connections are one thing Davis seems to have in abundance, with an impressive listing of special guest on the album including folk song bird Jewel, slide guitar virtuoso Robert Randolph & saxophone legend Branford Marsalis (Randolph & Marsalis are featured on the 18 song Deluxe Edition of “Red, White & Blue Jeans”). When asked about his abilities to build the aforementioned connections and others in the music business Patrick laughs and says, “I have always been good at connecting, at being rather out going, at being a life loving individual so I believe there is an element of that spirit that has served me very well in my musical endeavors whether those endeavors are making my own albums, touring around the world or co-writing with, and for, so many of my musical friends.”

Davis, who has been a major published songwriter for 9 years and is currently signed to Warner Chappell Publishing in Nashville, has had what has steadily become a very productive and successful run as a songsmith with credits & hits on albums by top artist like Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Jewel, Jimmy Buffett & more. Some of Patrick’s most recent co-writing successes include a song on Darius Rucker’s upcoming 2015 album, the opening track on the debut release from hot new country act “A Thousand Horses” & the Eric Paslay song “Rain From Heaven”, which was featured prominently in the major motion picture “Best of Me”.

When not writing for his friends or himself (Patrick wrote or co-wrote 16 of the 18 songs on the Deluxe Version of “Red, White & Blue Jeans”) Patrick hits the road for his own headlining shows in select South East markets and beyond, including a month long stint in late 2014 opening for Darius Rucker’s European Tour. Davis has even started three songwriters festivals outside of the USA with Annual Patrick Davis Songwriting Festivals happening at exclusive resorts in The Bahamas in February and Mexico each May & December. Patrick smirks a little and almost sheepishly says, “I try to sneak out of Nashville and play road shows whenever possible just to keep the initial fire of what initially brought me to music burning. As a kid I didn’t set out to be a songwriter, songwriting kind of came about as a happy consequence of loving to play live and needing material to perform at those shows. I always knew that no matter what happened in my life I would always keep performing live & luckily & in large part to my songwriting career I have been able to do just that for crowds across the globe.”

When asked if there is anything specific he would like listeners to take with them after hearing “Red, White & Blue Jeans” Davis smiles and replies “whether someone is hearing my album for the 100th time or catching my live show for the very 1st time I hope I am able to convey a message of honesty and a feeling that none of us are alone in this journey because Lord knows we all feel alone sometimes”. The journey that Patrick Davis and his music are currently traveling is one that in truth has already had a rather nice run, but with the release of his 4th studio album, his constant songwriting & his ever growing touring base Davis may very well find his personal journey leading his songs, recordings & message to a much wider audience, an audience looking for a bit more of an honest connection and like Patrick says he has always been good at connecting.

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