The Hush Sound, Hockey

Chicago is to Pop-Rock as Detroit was to Motown, according to any recent music buff. A new band has emerged from the ever-growing musical sanctuary of the Windy City -- The Hush Sound. Revolving around the microphone, Bob Morris, Greta Salpeter, Chris Faller, and Darren Wilson weave their lyrics into rich, imagery-laden stories. Their catchy, dreamlike, folk-influenced waltzes swell with elevating piano and guitar into songs that are equally perfect for bedtime or dancing.

After being a band for only three months, The Hush Sound recorded their first full-length album, So Sudden, in the spring of 2005. They released their debut album on their own before gaining the interest of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz (who was urged to listen by Panic! At the Disco's Ryan Ross) and were signed to his imprint label on Fueled By Ramen, Decaydance Records. The Hush Sound began writing Like Vines immediately after the release of their first album and recorded it over three weeks in March of 2006 with producer Sean O'Keefe and co-producer Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.

On June 6th, 2006, The Hush Sound will unveil Like Vines. Each imagery-rich song tells a story that is different from the next, yet they connect to form a complete thought, like scenes in a film. When you turn on Like Vines, you will run through a circus scene, be haunted by a ghost in a lighthouse, enter the mind of a stalker or go for a picnic. Swing, groove, rock, pop, and classical influences are woven in beneath the boy-girl vocals. You will be lifted by the summery melodies, lulled by the haunting songs and intrigued by the sometimes quirky, sometimes sweet, and always imaginative nature of The Hush Sound.

The Hush Sound recently opened for Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects on their spring arena tour and for The Academy Is...and FOB in the UK before joining labelmates Panic! At the Disco on a full US summer tour full of polka dancing and gambling.

Hockey are now located in Brooklyn. New album "Wyeth IS" is scheduled for release spring 2013

River City Extension

The lyrically ambitious, stylistically adventurous Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Anger confronts thorny issues of personal and spiritual struggle in a manner that's both intimate and illuminating; songwriter and frontman Joe Michelini describes it as an album about resolution and forgiveness. "For the most part, these songs represent a dark period in my life when I really didn't like myself," he explains. "I was still young and still learning, and a lot of people were probably hurt by the person I was at the time. Half of this record is love songs, and half is 'I'm sorry that I fucked up' songs -- I look at them as a stepping stone, a way to put some distance between myself and that part of my life, and to remind myself that I've chosen to do better."

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Anger's title paraphrases a Bible quote, Ephesians 4:26, which Michelini's mother would often cite when he was growing up. "I didn't actually know that it was from the Bible until after I picked it as the album title," he says. "I just knew it as this thing that my mom would always say, like, let the problems of the day be the problems of the day, move on, forgive people, forgive yourself, let it go."

An abiding faith in the music and an unflinching sense of honesty have been constants for River City Extension since the band's humble beginnings in Toms River. Michelini had already established a local reputation as a solo singer/songwriter when he first assembled a small acoustic combo under the River City Extension banner in late 2007. Soon, his musical vision had attracted an assortment of like-minded souls, and the act had expanded into its eight-person form. They recorded their debut album, The Unmistakable Man, with a minimum of funds, but an abundance of belief in their musical mission; then signed with Asbury Park indie label XOXO (home to fellow NJ natives the Gaslight Anthem), which released The Unmistakable Man in May 2010. The album gained momentum slowly but surely, with accolades from Paste, NPR, Spin and Alternative Press, and by 2011 River City Extension was touring hard, playing major festivals (Newport Folk Fest, Bonnaroo, Warped Tour and more) and supporting artists ranging from the Avett Brothers to The Get Up Kids.

River City Extension will hit the road for the first time in 2012 for two weeks of Southeast and Midwest shows surrounding SXSW. The band played an explosive showcase at last year's SXSW; Newport Folk Festival producer Jay Sweet stumbled upon the gig, and later told Billboard, "This band, River City Extension, is ripping the paint off the wall. These guys are playing like they're playing Madison Square Garden at midnight. These guys are closing Woodstock. Honestly! The place was about to explode.... I'll never forget it, because when River City Extension finished their set, the place physically would not let them [leave]. They tried to walk off the stage and people were not letting them walk off. It wasn't just plain clapping, they physically were not letting the band leave the stage." Sweet offered them a set at Newport on the spot.

Lucas Carpenter

Crossing state lines with guitars, looping pedals, and all manner of percussive instrument in tow, Lucas Carpenter is a modern pop troubadour. With a beat heavy and melody rich sound that borrows from his love of folk songcraft, the colorfulness of pop, Nashville storytelling, and hip electronic production values, LC is remixing what it means to be a singer-songwriter.

Born into a tightly knit, small town community in Pennsylvania, he is the son of a funeral director and the much loved black sheep of a large family. A self-proclaimed "Art Kid From the Country", Lucas began his creative journey in musical theater productions, choirs, and garage bands before moving first to Pittsburgh, then to Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music ('06 Songwriting graduate), and on to Philadelphia where he currently resides when not on the road. His songs are colorful sonic tapestries, contrasting the mundane and often comic reality of life in rural America against the cultural diversity and fast pace of the cities he's called home.

Since releasing the "Art Kids From the Country" EP 3 years ago, Lucas has played over 300 shows, sold over 3,000 albums and digital downloads completely independently, and created "The Pixelated Path" (2008), his most ambitious work to date. "The Path", produced with Los Angeles based friend and producer Alder (Sean Kingston), ventured into new sonic territory, combining beats generated from samples of office equipment, classic synthesizer sounds, beatboxing, and even a desk chair rolling across the floor, with organic instrumentation that included fretless guitar, Irish tin whistles, nyckelharpa (Swedish keyed fiddle), and toy pianos.

Currently, Lucas is on the road, sharing his high octane, electro-acoustic show with fans across the country. As a songwriter, a storyteller, a producer, and a performer Lucas Carpenter offers a new vision for the modern pop artist.

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The Hush Sound, Hockey with River City Extension, Genevieve (from Company of Thieves), Lucas Carpenter

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