This Radiant Boy

This Radiant Boy

Having retired in the summer of '06 with a sweaty, beer soaked party at Ye Olde Khyber, This Radiant Boy has decided to join their powers for a special ONE TIME ONLY reunion gig at Johnny Brenda's. The unique power-pop of Mike Guggino, Rick Hass. Adam Herndon, Brian "Bucky" Lang, & Dan Verechia will bring you back to a time when MySpace ruled, RayBans were not yet back in style, and the word Twitter didn't exist.

As the mythological Phoenix and the forests of the American Northwest know all too well, fire is devastatingly destructive — but it can also be the catalyst for a glorious rebirth. Philadelphia’s JJL learned this firsthand when a fire claimed their practice space along with all their musical gear earlier this year. After a tremendous outpouring of support from family, friends, fans and the community they have reemerged with their debut recording (The Tiger EP) in hand and a new sense of purpose in mind.

JJL puts the "power” in power trio, with Philly music scene veteran Jay Laughlin on guitar and vocals (Lenola, Like A Fox, Turning Point), long-time drummer Pete Girgenti on drums (Like A Fox) and Derek Zglenski (Belgrade) recently joining on bass guitar.
The music contained in the colored grooves of The Tiger EP is a return to form for Jay; loud metallic riffs, spidery melodies, bombastic drums and fluid bass runs. They’ll present these unrelentingly heavy songs in their full sonic spectrum at a record release show at Johnny Brenda’s on Friday, November 14th.

Dragon City

As mysterious as they were loud, Dragon City once played many a show in the fair city of Philadelphia. With warm blankets of fuzz and an androgynous squeak, these four old friends will celebrate their short career and their early 20's with a final show after 6 long years (or was it 8?). Featuring future members of Wasn't Wisn't and a Sunny Day in Glasgow. One free copy of our album will be offered to any poor soul in attendance. Please be prompt.



All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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This Radiant Boy with JJL, Dragon City

Saturday, June 1 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:16 PM at Johnny Brenda's