Able Hands, Gypsy Wig, Brett Saxon

Able Hands

Able Hands is the work of Michael Klics, a self-taught songwriter and musician from New Jersey. With an ever changing entourage of musicians such as Joe Biglin (The Jungle Jazz Initiative) and Steve Marion (Delicate Steve), Able Hands draws its influences from both the American songwriting tradition and a rich palate of musical styles. From jazz to country to hip hop the music leaves no avenue unexplored. Klics’ songwriting was once described by Henry Wolfe as having a certain darkness to it like “nighttime in the city.” But even with eerie undertones, there is warmth to the songs that breeds a comfortable familiarity in the listener. While the music affects different moods, the thoughtful and mature lyrics provide completeness.

Able Hands will be releasing a music video and a 3 song E.P. in May, which will preface the release of their L.P., Only American, in the summer.

Gypsy Wig

Gypsy Wig takes their broad and eclectic musical tastes and smoothly blends them into lively compositions. With a live show that is guaranteed fun, the group is working towards capturing the good-time-vibes on vinyl. Their ever-evolving sound is hard to nail down; their music is a mix of everything from Afro-Funk to Psych-Pop. For a band who has spent the majority of their time on stage and in the moment, Gypsy Wig aims to add a bit of permanence with a record that documents where they’re at now as they will inevitably morph into something new.

Brett Saxon

Brett Saxon is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, MN, now living in Brooklyn, NY. His music is reminiscent of musicians such as Andrew Bird and Wilco. Brett will be releasing a new album in the new year.



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Able Hands, Gypsy Wig, Brett Saxon

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