Champagne Charlie

Champagne Charlie

"...Champagne Charlie has taken root in the naugahyde covered barstools of Denver's seediest bars. They are a band that grew both musically and lyrically despite, or maybe due to, dimly lit rooms, and the smell of stale beer combined with sour bar towels. Manifestation artistique, originally a four member band, their numbers have grown to seven or more depending on the night. Like Chicago Cabaret, Champagne Charlie fully embraces a larger band ensemble, believing "the more the better." Playing a dozen different instruments, the band combines elements of Jazz, Blues, Waltz, and Americana to create their own style of Dark Denver Cabaret music. With several members being multi-instrumentalists, rhythm and melodies intermingle as one instrument is set down and another is picked up. While the band plays a drinking man's music, Ryan "Peepers" King sings with the gravelly delight of a parched throat encased in a sailor's bones about love, loss, damnation, and a lack of forgiveness."-ListenUpDenver

Two Tone Wolf Pack

Close your eyes. Picture the biggest tree you've ever seen. And there's a hole in the bottom of that tree. You climb through the hole to the other side of the tree and find your best friends in the whole world gathered around. There's a bubbling creek, there are birds chirping, and the scent of spring is in the air. As you ponder what you would name this event..... Blam!!!! 35 mile-an-hour-bears and TWO TONE WOLF PACK

the Hooks and the Hollows

Two house mates find themselves no longer in a blues/rock band and ask the age old question "should we keep playing music even though our last band went down in flames and now we have a van we can't pay for and like 4 boxes of albums we don't intend on paying our old (kinda shady) record label for?"

The answer was "yeah I guess so" and like a pheonix from the ashes we started playing music in our living room! Then we did a few shows at some bars and now here I am writing this stupid bio section on facebook.

We're pretty good though and you should check us out at one of our shows or a festival or just call and see if we wanna hang out.


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Champagne Charlie with Two Tone Wolf Pack, the Hooks and the Hollows

Thursday, May 16 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at Hi-Dive

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