The Mystery in Old Bathbath

The Mystery in Old Bathbath

USA/ 45 MIN./ Miss Pussycat and Quintron
Short Fiction
Chicago Premiere

Legendary underground musicians, inventors, puppeteers and Hurricane Katrina survivors Quintron & Ms. Pussycat (Director Panacea Theriac), debut their most ambitious project yet, The Mystery of Old Bathbath. This long-form psychedelic puppet film is the ultimate realization of their ongoing series, Trixie and the Treetrunks, that originally aired on Vice’s VBS channel.

The Stranger

USA/ 8.5 MIN/ SAS Film Works/ Edgars Legzdins/ Philip T. Stone
Short Fiction
World Premiere

A hallucinatory horror series ripped from the twisted minds of cult musician and flower-based painter Edgars Legzdins and editor Philip T. Stone. Son of Latvia’s famous folk musician, Alberts Legzdins, Edgars brings a Kinski-like intensity to The Stranger, starring in every role and filming himself with an outdated cell phone camera.

*Editor Philip Stone and Creator/Star Edgars Legzdins will be in attendance, and will introduce the film.

I Dream the Video

USA/ 5 MIN/ Nicholas Flandro
Short Film
World Premiere
Created exclusively for CIMMfEST, "I Dream the Video" is a surreal journey through the psyche of a man, played by former Robert De Niro stand-in Marco Casale, who is convinced he creates videos through his dreams. In this liminal state, he discovers several answers, only one of which is real.

*Directors will be in attendance

written by David Bachmann and Nicholas Flandro

directed by Nicholas Flandro

music by UNIVORE

Tuning the Pulse

USA/ 26 MIN./ Ashkan Soltani
Short Documentary
World Premiere

Tuning The Pulse offers a rare, behind the scenes look into the creative process of notoriously reclusive cult musician, Jandek. Director Ashkan Soltani gains unprecedented access to Jandek as he guides his makeshift band through their single rehearsal and the resulting performance. The veil is lifted, but the mystery remains.

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