Beduk released his first album “Even Better” from Audiology Records in 2007. He introduced an out of the ordinary kind of music to the Turkish music lovers. He became the leading artist of popular music by opening up new visions to Turkish music scene with an amazing stage performance that carries electronic music higher using live instruments. The first single “My Woman” from this album was used as the commercial song for the Binboa Vodka brand. “Heartbreaker” song from the same album was used for Myspace commercial campaign all over Europe.

In 2008 he reinforced his place in the market with his second album “Dance Revolution”. The video clip of “Automatik” that portrayed a wedding was immediately popular in Turkey and even though unwillingly, caused the kolbastı dance movement to begin. This video became a phenomenon while the song remained number 1 for weeks on the radio charts and MTV Turkey.

In 2010 Beduk released his third album “Go”. This album was licensed by Columbia Records/Sony and featured in legal platforms (music stores, digital sales platforms) in Europe and the United States. “Electric Girl” video from this album was in MTV, VH1 and Ukraine M1 charts.

In 2011 he released “Ful” album consisting of remixes of Go album and 3 new songs. Beduk who is in no mind to stop his creative nature, made the first “RealD 3D” 3 dimensional video clip in Turkey for the song “Ful Animasyon”. The album's promotion was made in collaboration with TTNet. This project was among the most successful projects in Facebook and was listened 1 million 250 thousand times during the campaign.
For the second song 'Discobreaker', he broke new ground with the HTML5 interactive video clip ( Beduk carried on his innovative and contemporary vision by making this video in collaboration with Microsoft Turkey which was the 4th to use this technology in the world. He is continuing his success of 'Ful' album in the United States which has gone up to number 12 in the CMJ RPM charts.

He released his latest album “Overload” in 2013 and stayed No.1 for 2 weeks on iTunes Turkey best selling albums list. This album is still No.1 for CD sales on electronic dance albums in Turkey.

Serhan Aydemir

Serhan Aydemir also known as MEMOS has participated in Miller Music Factory 2008 and became the winner of the DJ category. Right after the MMF, he started his radio show at Istanbul’s premier electronic/indie radio station Dinamo FM 103.8 where he shares his mixes weekly. He had the oppurtunity to play in many prestigious night clubs and festivals of the two most vibrant cities, Istanbul and New York.


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