Stokeswood, Ghost Owl (former members of Perpetual Groove)


Atlanta-based electroacoustic band, Stokeswood, was formed in 2004 by lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player, Adam Patterson, and lead electric guitarist, Mark Godwin. The five-piece also comprises a drummer, keyboardist, and bass player. Stokeswood's independently released debut album, Carassia (2009), is like a sonic excursion between the lines of a poet's story-telling prowess. Thoughtful introspection on the human condition is amplified and challenged by the layered accents of electroacoustic guitars, pianos, synths, strings and drums. The soulful and captivating vocals of Patterson carry each melody flawlessly through the rhythms and musical harmonies of each track. From start to finish, the album sparkles with intelligent musicality and impressive originality. Their songs are layered and euphonious with stimulating idiosyncrasies. Stokeswood's sophomore album, "In the Field of the Vibrations," showcases a vocal-centric aesthetic and an array of synthesizers and guitars that are illuminated by infectious dance beats. The evolution from jam to joyfully danceable was a natural progression over the course of the past year in the studio with Justin Mullinix of Generator Sound Studios in Atlanta. Protégé to Billy Hume, Mullinix has been dubbed the "Wonderboy of Indie Rock" for his eclectic ear and ability to cultivate a band's sound. The new album is slated for release in March 2011.

Ghost Owl

Ghost Owl is Adam Perry, Albert Suttle, & Matthew McDonald. All three
members of Ghost Owl met and worked together for over a decade in the
band Perpetual Groove. When the decision was made to go on an
indefinite hiatus from Perpetual Groove, Ghost Owl was born. Ghost Owl
is a completely different kind of band than their former endeavor. The
band is one born from collaboration with several different artists
from Athens, GA. This includes Music, Visual Art, Technology, and
Production. Ghost Owl will begin extensive touring in Spring 2013.

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Stokeswood, Ghost Owl (former members of Perpetual Groove)

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