East Coast Islands

East Coast Islands is two brothers, Max and Dylan, accompanied by different friends. The more the merrier and the door to the basement, as well as the steps to the stage are, and will always remain, open.

We are from Bayside, Queens, just outside the greatest city in the world. Influenced by Petty to Marley, NWA to the Wu. Just know that WE jam to laugh inside while we see YOU smile. Enjoy the music! Come see us sometime so we can chill together.

Thank you and stay smiling.

Jennifer Sullivan Band

Jennifer Sullivan (Born Aug 20 1987, TX) is an American musician, composer, & singer-songwriter. Main instruments are mandolin, guitar, & piano. Her music has an indie pop/rock sensibility drawn from western music influences, particularly the jazz, blues, & country/folk music genres.

Since moving to New York City from Austin, TX in 2010, Jennifer has been producing a debut full-length album & performing live as a band. She was granted free studio time as a select recording artist for Converse exclusively at Rubber Tracks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The album's first single, Black Cat, (Released 1.13.13 - now available) recently debuted on NPR-affiliate radio station KUT. After auditioning in NYC for Season 4 of NBC's The Voice this February, Jennifer plans to finish up the album and go on tour.

Jennifer Sullivan's LP (2013) will feature all-original poetry, songs, horn & string arrangements, as well as eclectic instrumentation including melodica, organ, baritone sax, banjo, bassoon, flute, and accordion. She previously released one EP, Extended Play (2010), which one critic described as "...an indie-jazz infusion cemented with a voice that's reminiscent of the greats of the last millennium" (Peter Harris, IndieSounds).

Jennifer Sullivan's biggest influences are Patsy Cline and Billie Holiday. She states God as her greatest muse. Jennifer is a lifelong musician who started singing in church and plays music by ear. Though she primarily learns through experience, Jennifer has received formal training in both voice and guitar. She now lives in Manhattan, New York City and is represented by invite-only Performance Rights Organization, SESAC, who have helped publish her expansive catalog of original music.

True Apothecary is an experimental/pop/rock band from Westchester County, New York. Trying to sum up our sound in a sentence or two is unlikely, but if Circa Survive had a love child with John Mayer, we'd probably hang out with that kid on the regular.

Paradox9 seeks to create the most interesting music it can by weaving a wide variety of musical influences into an R&B tapestry to produce dancing feet, open hearts and thinking minds. Our lyrics are designed to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, sing of love gone wrong, the fleeting pace of time and hopefully offer a bit of hope to what is left of civilization. When we looked for new members and were asked to describe the band the one word that came up was “mellow.” Not in a Barry Manilow way. No Olivia Newton John no “Afternoon Delight”. It describes the way we do things. No egos, no publicity stunts, no guitar heroes, nothing artificial. It’s all about making great music, enjoying the process and sharing it with an audience.



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East Coast Islands with Jennifer Sullivan Band, True Apothecary, Paradox9

Friday, May 3 · 7:00 PM at Ella Lounge