Twin Tigers

Twin Tigers

Hailing from the always fertile Athens, GA scene, Twin Tigers are ready to unleash their dynamic sound unto the universe. Along with other elements of the past five decades of rock music, Twin Tigers blend noise textures with pop structure and shoegaze overtones shaping a sound that's all new.
Formed by co-workers at the Michael Stipe-owned Grit restaurant, guitarist/vocalist Matthew Rain and bassist Aimee Morris began Twin Tigers as their previous bands dissolved. In February 2008,Curious Faces / Violet Future EP was released to great reviews. The band quickly started building a solid fan base throughout the southeast and played shows with Deerhunter, Dead Confederate, Jay Reatard, Black Lips, Dungen, Woods, Snowden and A Place to Bury Strangers.

After a slew of revolving guitarists and drummers the band debuted its current lineup with guitarist Forrest Hall, opening for Les Savy Fav at the Earl in Atlanta only a few weeks before their first trip to SXSW 2009. Upon returning from SXSW, the band began recording an album with Joel Hatstat in Athens, GA.
Following the wrap up of their full length, the band was chosen for a nation wide tour with Minus the Bear and the Antlers in the fall of 2009, toured with the Hold Steady in the spring of 2010 and is hitting the road all summer with Interpol. Twin Tigers' debut album Gray Waves is out now via Brooklyn based Old Flame Records.

Bad Bad Meow

So what do I know about Bad Bad Meow? They're based in Chicago by way of North Carolina. There's drummer Sarah Sydow and guitarist-vocalist Alen Khan. If you add slide guitarist Chris Ray you've collected the complete set. They don't have merch packs, but might encourage you to show your support by writing MEOW on your t-shirt with a Sharpie. They have a lo-fi approach to life. Here's why.

They are actually focussed on making music. I know, I know, all press releases say something like that. They aren't the next big thing, or a 'remember my name you'll be screaming it later' kind of band. Bad Bad Meow are a band in the real sense of the word, a definition which appears to have been overlooked lately. They write their own songs. They rehearse, perform and record them. They've crafted a sound that's been likened to The White Stripes (and ….. ?) They spend more time on their art than their hairstyles. And look where it's gotten them! Open Mic nights all over Chi-town.

So here's the hard bit about writing this bio. What's my angle? I asked Alen for guidance, and he said to write whatever I wanted. He said I could include how he offered to marry me and share his life with me in Chicago so I wouldn't be deported. I might leave that bit out, even though it is pretty funny. Oh by the way, I've never actual seen Alen in person, although for over ten years I've received random packages in the mail, some of which included very low quality recordings of him playing guitar and singing. Some packages were suspected to be parcel bombs and were destroyed by the post office before I could listen to them. I guess I owe it to him to come up with something that does justice to Bad Bad Meow, and to the kind of guy he is.

Snow Ghost



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