The David Mayfield Parade

The David Mayfield Parade

Grammy-nominated musician and producer David Mayfield is a force of nature on stage. His energy and ‘out and out’ enthusiasm for performing are evident at every show from clubs to major festivals to opening for The Avett Brothers. Mayfield’s songwriting “feels as classic as {his}…wardrobe” says Paste Magazine and Southwest Airlines’ Spirit Magazine named The David Mayfield Parade one of the Top 40 Artists To Watch. His debut album “The David Mayfield Parade” is an extension of his irrepressible energy and abundant love for the music that has inspired him over his young lifetime. It listens like an AM radio record with strings and production born out of such classics as Randy Newman’s Sail Away or Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water but without forgetting the fundamentals of rock-n-roll! The David Mayfield Parade’s 2011 festival appearances past and upcoming include Bonnaroo, Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Mulberry Mountain and more!

Oliver Bravado

Three guys who play instruments decided to play those instruments together.

The Longest Day of the Year

Grown out of the independent mid-west/Michigan music scene and united in the long, evening shadows of the Colorado mountains.

TLDOTY delivers up steaming plates of newfangled, oldtimey, foot-stomping, outlaw folk tales on a mule-drawn cart, by a team of progressive roots string strummers, harmonica howlers, drum drummers and song singers.

The outfit hauls its songs from Boulder, CO to locales near and far. Strong story-telling mixes with unconventional arrangements on traditional country, folk, and rock song structures.


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