Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Songs are the key.
Miles Nielsen has been writing them for as long as he can remember. Good, bad, great- yeah he's covered all those bases.
For some, music is something in the background, or in the corner of the bar, or merely something that lives on the other side of the dial- a magic diversion created to pass the time in the car. For Miles Nielsen, music is as much a part of his life as the act of taking a breath, every experience, every conversation, every dream is a potential song in the making.
There are millions of people writing, recording and releasing music in today's world of immediate return. Learn three chords, turn on the computer and you have a worldwide release. There are very few, however, who are writing music that makes you immediately wish there was "more"- another song to make you turn up the volume , another nugget of melody or lyric that you can find some part of to make your own.
Miles's songs provide that sense of yearning and ownership. You want to have another record, another song- you want to hit want to know more about this world created in song by Mr. Nielsen. A captivating wordsmith, instrumentalist, and creator of hooks- rare indeed, but present in the person of Miles Nielsen.
It would be hard to imagine that the years spent honing his craft throughout the bars and music halls of the Midwest, were not leading to something bigger, something permanent. His latest release, Miles Nielsen presents the Rusted Hearts certainly occupies a space of permanence- these songs are not mere throwaway pop songs- but, rather explorations and declarations of a mastery of style and substance, destined to fall into regular rotation on the turntables of fans new and old for years to come.
What is next? Like with any other prediction- no one can say. Gifts like Miles's come along very infrequently, and one can only hope that his ability to be so "in the now" -listening for the songs spoken in the everyday world will continue to grow.
Then maybe that "more" we are looking for, will be given to us via that very key we yearn for-
...through Songs.

Daniel and The Lion

Daniel and the Lion is an independent folk-pop duo consisting of Jimmie Linville and Daniel Pingrey. Friends since high school and hailing from the secluded town of Baraboo, WI, they formed in 2009 and have released two albums, “Sweet Teeth” and “Death Head.” Their sound is a dichotomy of forces: Pingrey’s heady musicality and lush arrangements starkly compliment Linville’s heartfelt lyrics and canyon voice.

From the time Corey Mathew Hart started singing at a young age, his voice has amazed audiences. “The human voice is such wonderfully complex instrument. So often, words can fail to portray the whole meaning or idea you are trying to get across, but in song you can convey more emotion and add more depth and dimension to the written word,” says Hart. And he does just that with a voice that has helped him win Madison, WI Songwriter of the Year in 2007 and garner comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Ray LaMontagne. In recent years, Hart has continued to wow audiences across the country with his amazing vocal range and unique styling, sharing the stage with Dawes, The Duhks, Shawn Mullins, and Langhorne Slim. His performances possess a cathartic intensity that entrances audiences and draw them inside the music.

In his late teens, Hart enrolled in the Berklee School of Music but quickly found himself restless and left after only a brief stay. Since leaving Berklee, Hart has forged a trail that has wound and meandered from the Midwest through the Blue Ridge Mountains and back to the Great Lakes, all the while building his unique sound. Drawing on his experiences, Hart’s songs create pictures and tell stories that are vivid and soulful, evocative and heart wrenching.

Throughout this journey Hart found himself in the studio on a number of occasions, resulting in two albums. His first EP, Words Like Wildfire, was recorded in 2007 at Smart Studios with Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Sparklehorse). While in North Carolina in 2009, Hart worked on a project with guitarist Danny Johnson, recording Wooden Houses a full-length album. It was through these projects that Hart started to feel his way into his most recent record, “Winter Bones.”

Recorded in only two days at Smart Studios (Nirvana Nevermind, Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream) and just weeks before the birth of his first child, Hart’s new Winter Bones EP is his finest collection of songs to date. Being one of the last sessions completed before Smart Studios closed its doors for good, there was a great sense of reverence in the air as Hart cut most of the record live in one long session on Halloween day. There was a lot of energy in the room that day, and the performances truly showcase Hart’s range as a vocalist. The songs run the gamut of sound from soulful delivery (“Shoot Me Up”) to falsetto (“Winter Bones”) and easily traverse the genres of pop (“Extinguish”), folk (“Blue Mountain Thistle”), and one downright barn burner (“Paper Fins”). This eclectic mix invites you to listen to it time and time again.

"Nobody in town sings like this…" - Kevin Lynch (The Capitol Times)

"...starkly authentic and full of promise." - Rich Albertoni (The Isthmus)

2007 Madison Songwriter if the Year (awarded by Madison Songwriters Group)

2007 Midwest Song Contest – Honorable Mention

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