Starting in 2006, Picture Atlantic came out of the San Jose hardcore scene on a quest to create memorable and melodic rock music. Their 2008 LP Kleos had reviewers drawing comparisons to The Killers, Coldplay, The Cure, The Police, Radiohead, and Death Cab For Cutie.

During almost two years of touring and playing shows, the band have shared the stage with the likes of Say Anything, Dan Black, Jaguar Love, and The Wooden Birds. Towards the end of 2009, Picture Atlantic headed back to the studio to create the rich and moody EP Dulce Et Decorum Est. This endeavor, released in early 2010, brought out a much more mature and stripped down sound for the band, and was complimented by Performer Magazine as being "sensational, with a captivating beauty that emanates from every note."


The indie pop trio Little Daylight have been spending most of their time making remixes of everyone from Passion Pit to Penguin Prison, but now they're striking out in their own right with an excellent new single, "Overdose," and an accompanying video that suits the track's bubbly, late-night vibe, as the band's members take to some darkened streets with flashlights to light their way. It's got the deep bass throb and glossy instrumentals of Icona Pop but some of Sky Ferreira's melancholy, too.


One of the best new bands to come out of the musically rich San Francisco Bay Area, Finish Ticket managed to sell out every show, successfully release a debut album, land a national automobile ad and tour virtually the entire USA & Canada, and that was before landing a worldwide deal with Atlantic Records.

Brought together by blood, burritos, and a shared musical vision, Finish Ticket is a band of brothers. Started by twins Brendan and Michael Hoye and their childhood friend Alex DiDonato, they quickly rose to the top of the San Francisco local music scene - all while still in high school. In 2012, through a long search for committed, like-minded musicians to fill out the lineup, they discovered the next level of FT kinship through brothers Gabe and Nick Stein.

With a sound described by many as the perfect mix between heartfelt indie rock & roll and catchy pop melodies, and with a captivating, energetic live show, Finish Ticket is on their way to dominate the airwaves and festivals this year.

"The perfect balance between melodic hooks, blues-tinged guitar riffs, and vocal parts... with such a melting pot of genres at play in their work, it’s safe to say they bring a little something for everyone” - PureVolume

"Finish Ticket’s ‘Doctor’ boasts an enormous cinematic chorus that evokes feelings of nostalgia and timelessness, a la ‘Johnny B. Goode,’ or something by the Four Seasons" --Diffuser.fm

"Lush musical landscape...killer melodies and harmonies" --Pure Grain Audio

"Finish Ticket offers a sound that is broad and touches on everything in between the rock and pop realms." –BuzzBandsLA

“Catch these guys before they blow up!” --Guerrilla Candy


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