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As a rock star, reality star, spokesperson, businessman, and philanthropist, Bret Michaels does more jobs in a single day than most people do in an entire lifetime. Depending on the hour of the day he's a cultural icon, a rock god, an entrepreneur, a TV star, a father, the face of the American Diabetes Association, a supercross enthusiast, solo artist, Poison frontman, and... a generous donor to a myriad of charitable causes.

Michaels first rose to fame as the frontman of Poison. As one of rock's most iconic and enduring bands, Poison defined the fast, gritty, and glamorous rock 'n' roll scene. Since the band's beginning, Poison has achieved massive success- releasing eight studio albums, four live albums, and selling over 30 million records worldwide and 16.5 million records in the U.S. alone.

The band has charted 10 singles in the Top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100 including the number-one single, "Every Rose Has It's Thorn." Twenty-five years after their debut, Poison is still recording music and performing together.

Bret Michaels' solo career has been equally successful: his most recent solo album, "Custom Built," released in July of 2010, topped the charts, reaching #1 on Billboard's Hard Rock list. His current solo tour, "Get Your Rock On" is selling out arenas across the country and his forthcoming solo album of the same name will be released this summer.

Michaels has achieved stunning success in the realm of reality TV as well. His "Rock of Love" television series is one of the most successful in VH1's history. VH1 and Bret Michaels teamed up again for his family-oriented 2010 docu-series "Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It." He went head to head with some of the brightest minds in business on Donald Trump's NBC hit, "Celebrity Apprentice" and went on to "Trump" the competition with his Trop-A-Rocka Snapple drink.

Michaels' Trop-a-Rocka Diet Snapple proved to be a fan-favorite- so much so that fans rallied to continue its distribution. He is thrilled to be continuing his partnership with Snapple, remarking, "When I created my Diet Snapple Trop-A-Rocka Tea, I made it my mission to design the best-tasting diet drink on earth – made from the best stuff on earth. Creating Diet Snapple Trop-A-Rocka Tea and donating $250,000 to Diabetes research was just the beginning. I'm thrilled that Snapple will be making Trop-A-Rocka a part of its permanent offering."

Philanthropy remains an important facet of Michaels' career. A lifelong diabetic, he partnered with the American Diabetes Association in 2010, acting as a spokesperson and sponsor. Beyond his role as spokesperson Michaels has gone on to help Ford raise an additional $400,000 for diabetes research at the Barrett-Jackson auto auction this past February as well as donating numerous items for auction for Diabetes related events.

Michaels' charitable outreach extends far beyond diabetes, however. Rocking out and giving back go hand in hand for Michaels, who supports a diverse array of charities and causes. In March 2011, he performed at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night in support of the Muhammad Ali Foundation, which gives to those suffering from Parkinson's disease. Michaels was so touched by the event and the cause that he donated $20,000 of his own money to the Muhammad Ali Foundation to help heal those afflicted by Parkinson's. Michaels took on the role of fundraiser as well, raising more than $200,000 for the Barrow Brain Tumor Foundation, with a star-studded dinner in his own home. He is also a supporter of the Camelot Therapeutic ranch and sponsors a horse with his family. The ranch provides services at no charge to adults and children with disabilities.

Michaels continues to stretch himself and challenge himself to take on new projects in music, business, and beyond. He recently partnered with legendary guitar company, Dean Guitars, to design his first ever signature Bret Michaels series. Michaels calls Dean Guitars "the only guitars that can keep up with me, holding up tour after tour." He is also actively involved in the world of extreme sports. He created and awarded the first annual Bret Michaels Rock Hard, Ride Hard Award for supercross - a cash prize for the toughest and most tenacious supercross rider of the season - on May 7, 2011. The award will be given out again in 2012.

Michaels has teamed with PetSmart for the "Pet's Rock" collection, which will debut in 2012. "As a dedicated pet owners myself, this is a natural partnership for me, and I can’t wait to unveil the collection,” Michaels said. “I know my own pets rock, and I wanted to design a line of pet products every bit as fun and cool as they are."

Also in 2012, Michaels is teaming up with Reader's Digest for their We Hear You America campaign - the popular national, grassroots initiative that serves as a catalyst to empower Americans to help their local communities by casting votes at ReadersDigest.com on behalf of their hometowns. Bret Michaels is the perfect partner for this campaign because he brings his experiences as a survivor, a rocker, a father, a philanthropist, and an American who has traveled this great land by tour bus from coast-to-coast. "As a musician and an artist, I wanted to get involved in the We Hear You America campaign because it's not only about inspiring people to improve their lives and their communities, but about giving everyone a voice," says Michaels. "It starts with all of you. Go to ReadersDigest.com every day to vote for your hometown. Your votes, joined with others in your community, could get your hometown funds and promotional support from the We Hear You America campaign."

Bret Michaels may have been in spotlight for decades, but he is certainly showing no signs of slowing down.

Twisted Sister

Jackyl's latest studio album, "When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide" is now available in stores and online. "This album is a crunchy slab of rock and roll with a mouthful of Georgia Dirt," Dupree explains. "We're looking forward to hitting the road this year and taking these tunes to the stage." Indeed being true to his word, Jesse and the boys are bringing their signature blend of rock n' roll mayhem to the people this summer, saying "(this) album sounds exactly like "Jackyl" (1992 self-titled debut album) except its one notch louder." Be sure to check out the latest tour dates and if you haven't yet gotten your hands on "When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide", what are you waiting for?? PUH-POW!!!

FireHouse has been rockin’ for over a decade. Their music has taken them all
over the world and has produced Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum records
in the United States and countries abroad.
In 1990, their first album, entitled FireHouse, was released. The band’s first
single, Shake & Tumble, had impressive radio success. The band then
released Don’t Treat Me Bad, which became their first Top Ten hit. This
was followed by Love of a Lifetime, which also entered the Top Ten,
reaching the #3 spot on the United States charts. This string of hits vaulted
their first album to double platinum status in the United States; also going
gold in Canada, Japan and Singapore. At the 1991 American Music Awards,
Firehouse found themselves standing before the nation accepting the award
for Best New Hard Rock/Metal Band, chosen over Nirvana and Alice in
The band’s second album, Hold Your Fire, was released in 1992. It
produced the hits Reach for the Sky and Sleeping with You. Another Top
Ten hit, When I Look into Your Eyes, peaked on the United States charts
at #5. This album earned the band two more gold albums and over 1 million
sales worldwide.
In 1995, Firehouse released their third album on Epic, simply titled 3. Once
again, Firehouse produced another Top Forty hit in the United States with I
Live My Life For You. It was with this album that Firehouse made their first
trip to Southeast Asia for a promotional tour. Earlier American hits like Don’t
Treat Me Bad, Love of a Lifetime and When I Look into Your Eyes had
climbed the charts in Asia. Here for You, the second single from 3, had also
become a hit. The band then continued their promotional tour in South
American countries such as Brazil and Argentina.
Their fourth album, Good Acoustics, was released in 1996 and quickly went
gold in Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines. Good Acoustics contains
unplugged versions of the group’s greatest hits, as well as four new songs.
This album produced foreign hits such as In Your Perfect World, Love
Don’t Care and You Are My Religion. The band returned to Southeast Asia
for another promotional tour at the end of 1996. Then, in February 1997,
Firehouse embarked on their first concert tour of Southeast Asia playing sold
out shows for fans in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. During May
and June they toured the United States before returning to Southeast Asia in
July for an unprecedented twenty-five city sold out tour of Indonesia.
In 1998, Firehouse toured the United States on the Rock Never Stops tour,
which also included Slaughter, Warrant, Quiet Riot, and LA Guns. October of
1998 featured the Asian release of Firehouse’s fifth CD, Category 5 on Pony
Canyon Records. The album quickly climbed to #4 on the Japanese charts,
and supporting promotional tour of Japan followed. Category 5 was officially
released in the United States in 1999.
Firehouse continued touring through the winter and spring of 1999, including
3 more sold out shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. On April 22, 1999, the
band recorded their live show in Osaka. The result - the first ever live album
by Firehouse. Bring ‘em Out Live was released in Japan in December 1999
and in the United States on Spitfire Records in July 2000.
The turn of the century brought the release their seventh album, titled O2. It
has been released in SE Asia on Pony Canyon Records, and in the US on
Spitfire Records. This album had notable success despite the changing style
of popular rock music. During this time, the band decided to part ways with
original bass player, Perry Richardson. O2’s remarkable bass playing was
supplied by Bruce Waibel. Bruce brought to the band his phenomenal bass
playing along with is equally impressive sense of humor. We truly regret to
say that in September 2003, Bruce has passed away. He will be greatly
missed as a friend and talented musician.
FireHouse headed back into the studio in early 2003 to write and record their
8th album, PRIME TIME. As music changes over time, FireHouse continues
to evolve their musical style; yet, at the same time, hang onto their hard
rock roots. Released in October of 2003, album number 8 is no exception.
You can expect to hear what FireHouse is famous for ... soulful, melodic hard

Satirically pretending to be a hair metal band that missed its big break in the '80s, singer Ralph Saenz ("Michael Starr"), drummer Darren Leader ("Stix Zadinia"), bassist Travis Haley ("Lexxi Foxxx"), and guitarist Russ Parrish ("Satchel") hit the club circuit on the Sunset Strip around the turn of the millennium under the name Metal Shop (later changed to Metal Skool, and then Steel Panther). With big spiky wigs, leather jackets, zebra-striped spandex, chops earned from playing in a Van Halen tribute band, and lots and lots of machismo, their comic take on sex, drugs, and rock & roll to the extreme caught on quickly, leading to sold-out shows and some unexpected brushes with mainstream success. As their popularity increased, the Hollywood crowd started frequenting their sets, often making appearances on-stage. This led to some opportunities: the band fittingly played the role of a metal band as "Danger Kitty" in a Discover Card commercial; they appeared on The Drew Carey Show as themselves; and their song "FF" was used as the theme for MTV's Fantasy Factory. In May of 2008 the band signed to Universal Republic. After releasing the singles "Death for All But Metal" and "Community Property," Steel Panther's full-length Feel the Steel was released in October of 2009.

Kings X

Few hard rock bands are as widely respected yet criminally overlooked as King's X. The trio (bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick, guitarist/vocalist Ty Tabor, and drummer/vocalist Jerry Gaskill) seemed destined for the big time with their irresistible blend of melodic Beatlesque harmonies, metallic riffing, and prog rock detours, yet for reasons unknown, never truly broke through to a mainstream audience. Pinnick (b. September 3, 1950) first met Gaskill (b. December 27, 1957) when the duo was touring with the Christian rock outfit Petra, and soon after, met up-and-coming guitarist Tabor (b. September 17, 1961). The trio joined forces in 1980 with the Top 40 cover band the Edge and thoroughly played the Missouri bar scene. By 1983, the band had changed their name to Sneak Preview and was now completely focusing on their original compositions -- resulting in an obscure and very hard to find self-titled debut album released around this time.

Sneak Preview was offered a recording contract in 1985 if they relocated to Houston, TX, which they did, but the deal failed to materialize. Undeterred, the trio continued on and perfected their sound and songwriting further, catching a break when ZZ Top video producer Sam Taylor took the group under his wing, helping them secure a recording contract with New York's Megaforce label in 1987, and suggesting that they change their name to King's X (the name of a local outfit that Taylor was an admirer of back in his high school days).

In 1988, King's X released their debut album, Out of the Silent Planet. Despite praise amongst critics, the public didn't know exactly what to make of the group's original and multi-genre encompassing style, and the album sank without a trace. But with their sophomore release, 1989's classic Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, a buzz began to develop around the band in the metal community, as members of Anthrax and Living Colour praised King's X in the press, and MTV granted a few airings of their anthemic track "Over My Head." The stage was set for the group's big breakthrough, and things appeared to be going according to plan when their third release, Faith Hope Love, surfaced in late 1990.

The album just missed the U.S. Top 30 and nearly reached gold certification, due to landing a lengthy spot opening on AC/DC's sold out arena tour in both the states and Europe, while the Beatlesque "It's Love" received major airtime on MTV. What should have been an exciting time for the band quickly turned sour, however, as King's X began to experience trouble with manager Taylor. 1992's self-titled release (the group's first to appear on Atlantic Records without the Megaforce imprint) proved not to be as focused as their previous pair of albums, resulting in the album disappearing quickly from sight after release (and their ensuing tour halted), as they ended their relationship with Taylor.

But it appeared as though the change had refueled the group's musical desire once again, as evidenced by the Brendan O'Brien-produced, stellar 1994 release, Dogman, which performed respectfully on the charts. This success resulted in the band opening shows for Pearl Jam and a show-stopping performance on the opening night of the mammoth Woodstock '94 festival. Atlantic Records began putting pressure on the trio to deliver a breakthrough hit but when 1996's Ear Candy failed to live up to expectations, King's X left the label (Atlantic would issue one more release from the band a year later, The Best Of, which featured 13 fan favorites, as well as three unreleased compositions and a live track).

1998 saw the group sign to the Metal Blade label, as both Pinnick and Tabor issued their first solo albums (Tabor with Moonflower Lane and Pinnick with Massive Grooves, the latter issued under the alias Poundhound), followed by the group's seventh studio release overall, Tapehead. Now free to issue albums at their own pace, the group issued two more albums only a year apart -- 2000's Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous and 2001's Manic Moonlight. Pinnick continued his solo career in conjunction to King's X, issuing Poundhound's second release, Pineappleskunk, the same year (as well as forming a side-project with former members of Trouble, dubbed Supershine), while Tabor issued two albums with the prog metal supergroup Platypus -- 1998's When Pus Comes to Shove and 2000's Ice Cycles. Around the same time, King's X received a pleasant accolade from their peers when they were voted as one of the "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock" on a VH1 TV special

Great White

Like the fearsome, deadly denizen of the deep that shares its name, Great White knows something about survival of the fittest. The Southern California blues-rock band first took a bite out of the rock scene in 1984 and has never let go. Great White has achieved worldwide success, encompassing sales of over six million records. They received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance for the song "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", and earned a double platinum certification for the album …Twice Shy. With the release of Can't Get There From Here, the group's first release from John Kalodner's label Portrait, Great White is poised to conquer once again

"By the time they were introduced to the West by 1985's Thunder in the East album, Japan's Loudness had arguably already hit their peak. Their previous effort, Disillusion, was the fourth chart-topping release in their homeland, not to mention a critical triumph among members of the European press. But when faced with a contingency plan to conquer America, Loudness were gradually forced to alter their sound by unsuitable producers and clueless record company hacks, never coming close to translating their far-East success into Western stardom.

Guitarist Akira Takasaki and drummer Munetaka Higuchi first played together during the mid-'70s in a mainstream rock band called Lazy. Unhappy with the band's direction, the duo split and decided to follow in the footsteps of Bow Wow (the first ever Japanese heavy metal band), forming Loudness with vocalist Minoru Niihara and bass player Masayoshi Yamashita. Combining a classic metal approach with Takasaki's Eddie Van Halen-inspired guitar heroics, the band immediately scored local success with their first three albums, which were sung entirely in Japanese. But it wasn't until the release of their first live album, Live-Loud-Alive, and fourth studio effort Disillusion that the group attracted any significant attention outside their homeland, eventually issuing an English version of Disillusion.

Atlantic Records soon came calling and the band's international career began in earnest with 1985's Thunder in the East, which sold quite well in the U.S. for its novelty value, giving the band false hopes about their acceptance by Western metal audiences. Subsequent efforts, Lightning Strikes and Hurricane Eyes, were "made to order" records geared for the American market, and saw the band slowly drifting away from their roots towards a more commercial, pop-metal sound. All to no avail, and after recording 1988's independently-released Jealousy, the classic lineup's glory years came to an end with the firing of Niihara and the arrival of American-born singer Mike Vescera for 1989's Soldier of Fortune. 1991's disappointing On the Prowl saw them resort to re-recording watered down versions of some of their Japan-only material and would be the last to feature Vescera, who briefly joined the temperamental Yngwie J. Malmsteen's band.

Yamada Masaki, from rival Japanese metal band EZO, was brought in for Loudness' 1992 self-titled effort, 1994's Heavy Metal Hippies, and 1997's Ghetto Machine. The latter saw the departure of the band's long-time rhythm section being replaced by bassist Shibata Naoto and drummer Homma Hirotsugu. This lineup recorded two more albums, 1998's Dragon and 1999's Engine, after which it has been rumored that Takasaki welcomed back the original members for an as yet unconfirmed reunion." - Eduardo Rivadavia, AllMusicGuide

After 13 years, 2008 has the all original members rockin' the Worldwide Concert Circut once again. PETE,STEVE, PJ & MARK ...the one , the only , the mighty TRIXTER!!! Since reforming the band has released "ALIVE IN JAPAN" Live concert cd featuring 2 new songs & a "BEST OF " CD with all the hits remastered, they played in front of over 50,000 people at various high profile events like ROCKLAHOMA FESTIVAL, ROCK-FEST with POISON & BOSTON, been featured on 104.3fm & Xm Radio , along with articles in "ROLLING STONE" & "THE NEW YORK TIMES" On November 28th,2008 TRIXTER returned home to New Jersey for a Homecoming show at DEXTERS ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX in Riverdale,NJ. It was a SOLD OUT show for which the band set the NATIONAL ACT ATTENDANCE RECORD & set the MERCHANDISING SALES RECORD for the venue. TRIXTER also appeared on the cover of the "EC ROCKER" Magazine along with a feature story in North Jerseys Biggest Newspaper,"THE RECORD". 2009 Looks to be an even better year...On Feb. 20th ,2009 TRIXTER & DOKKEN "SOLD OUT" THE GRIZZLY ROSE in Denver, Colorado. Over 1800 fans jam packed the place.

Streetlight Circus

There was a time when rock and roll was about fist-pumping riffs, sizzling musicianship and super-charged vocals. But Streetlight Circus proves that thundering rhythms and memorable hooks don’t have to be a thing of the past. Under this New York City band’s Big Top is a selection of songs and a stageshow that will transport you back to those sweaty, sleazy nights of rock and roll past while throttling you with an edgy, modern twist that has kept fans coming back for more.

Established by singer, bassist and songwriter David Shaw in 2006 to support his acclaimed solo release Walkin’ On A Wire, the members soon became a unified rock and roll front prompting the changing of the group’s moniker to Streetlight Circus after Shaw wrote a song by the same name. Touting an array of all the right influences, the quartet consists of guitarist George Giannoulis and drummer Erik Fehrenbach, two long time friends and musical counterparts of Shaw as well as guitarist Fabio Bargna, the newest member to join the fun.

Together, these four veteran musicians have committed themselves to giving audiences the best possible show night after night and seeing as how the band’s audiences have grown, it is clear that they are doing it right. Streetlight Circus has shared bills with countless national acts in the New York area, has toured the country from all points south to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and has been invited to perform at festivals such as the enormous Rocklahoma as well as New York’s JamFest. In addition, the band’s music has been featured on MTV original programming, radio stations from Texas all the way to Denmark and compilation albums that have found their way to stores throughout the United States and Europe.

With a new album hitting the streets in the late 2011, Streetlight Circus is ready to bring the hard rockin’ carnival to cities and venues big and small. Wherever there are people starving for real, no frills, down and dirty rock and roll, Streetlight Circus will be there to satisfy their appetites. Catch the Streetlight Circus and watch them make rock and roll filthy again!

$40.00 - $60.00


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