Juno Brown

Juno Brown is the epitome of an independent artist. Her voice is likened unto one of an angelic being and her songs are well-crafted and catchy. Juno Brown is sexy and puts on an unforgettable show, connecting with virtually every audience member. She has a genuine grace about her. Her passion for music outshines any of the many struggle she's endured. Smart songs, incredible talent, and a unique musical vision. More than just the latest trend, her songs share the same timeless quality of the great female artists of the rock era.

A student of life, studying vocal performance in undergrad wasn't enough for Juno Brown, she needed more and got more. She's continued on to become a member of Amnesty International and bring meaning to her music by broadening her work from simply a pretty voice and a unique face, to a voice with a mission.
Look into the eyes of youthful songstress Juno Brown and an ancient serenity gazes back. Asked where she was born, she sweetly says, "I'm originally from heaven," and you believe her. Throw in the angelic voice and an original writing talent, and Juno Brown adds up to a remarkable young woman, an enthralling performer whose warm soul comes through in every note.

Born in Washington, DC to a gospel-singer mother and an instrumentalist father married for almost 30 years, Ally grew up surrounded by music and spirituality. She started singing at an early age, combining the family tradition with inspirations from Joni Mitchell to John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, and even Nirvana. At age 14 she was blessed to learn guitar from the late DC icon and Blue Note artist Noble Jolley. Later, she studied opera and theatre, skills that help make every Juno Brown performance an event.

Juno's muse has taken her many places. She taught yoga in Central America, sang with great Costa Rican musicians, and then rolled into San Francisco like a velvet fog. Arriving with no job and no place of her own, she brought only her talent, her extensive songbook, and her endless optimism. In no time, Ally was cutting tracks with local groups, showcasing in Los Angeles, and making a name with her unique blend of soul, folk, and personal vision.
A strict vegetarian and a student of world spirituality, Juno Brown seeks to communicate with more than words, healing with her voice. Between L.A and NYC, she is putting the finishing touches on her first album. She appears frequently on local stages, sharing her sweetness, warmth, and moving stories with happy fans and new listeners alike at venues like Pianos, the Bitter End and the Green Point Gallery.



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Juno Brown

Saturday, April 27 · 7:00 PM at Ella Lounge