Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar was born ten years ago, when Tillmann was living in Minneapolis, playing guitar-based indie rock. The Har Mar idea, he says, was "a reaction to boring indie rock and how people were taking themselves way too seriously, and any aspect of playing and touring was no fun after a while, and I realized if I go to a dance party and sing an R. Kelly song on a couch, the girls are going to go fucking crazy. So I started transferring that to the stage and doing more R&B oriented songs and it really was a no-brainer after I'd done it a few times. Like, 'why don't I just make this gross, why don't I just start writing songs like that?" And as soon as I did, it was obvious, it was like a light bulb went off and I went on my way and got more and more aggressive, and the shows became this weird exercise in sexual tension, and I really learned how to play with that fire and make it work for me.

The People's Temple

Genres: Rock / R&B / Soul / Sixties / Surf / Garage / Punk
SOME PEOPLE think musicians are weird, and many would think The People's Temple weird.

Like George who spends his spare hours walking alone around the city... his favorite all-time job was running a merry-go-round because "people didn't bug me and I could think." And Will who reminds himself not to be vain by placing a mirror so high above his apartment floor he can't see himself. Or Alex who doesn't smoke, drink or eat meat and would like to travel to India to "study the mystic religious life there." And happy-go-lucky Spencer who almost became a Certified Public Accountant like his mother, until he began "freaking out in the music field" and hasn't added a column of figures since.
The Lansing, Michigan band met while growing up in Perry - a small town 20 minutes outside of Lansing. While still in high school the brothers became influenced by '60s psych, folk, and shoegaze, which show in the band's reverberated sound. The band started playing gigs in the Lansing area in 2008 and has since developed a reputation of performing wild stage shows, with ample guitar feedback.

The band has 7-inch EPs on Certified PR Records, Milk-n-Herpes Records and HoZac Records. Their debut LP, "Sons of Stone" was released in Mayl 2011 on HoZac Records. Also a 7" on Goodbye Boozy appeared in late 2011. The band is working on a new studio album for 2012.

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