Tomahawk is back!
Where were they? What were they doing? Is this a reunion? Who are they now? What's next?

So many questions. Here are those answers and more!

Tomahawk took a break to discover the many truths of the universe. They also uncovered several non truths. They were primarily holed up in a special place similar to the many caves in the mountains of Appalachia. They found time to create the new tunes that make up their new record "Oddfellows" that will be released worldwide in January 2013 on Ipecac Recordings.

This is not a reunion….unless that means they will make more money.

Tomahawk is Duane Denison (the Jesus Lizard, Unsemble, etc), Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantômas, etc) & John Stanier (Helmet, Battles, etc) and this time around joined by Trevor "field mouse" Dunn ( Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, etc).

The band released their self titled debut in 2001, followed by "Mit Gas" in 2003 and "Anonymous" in 2007. They released a limited edition vinyl box set "Eponymous to Anonymous" (cheeky, huh?) in early 2012. They camped out at Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye studios in Nashville with Collin Dupuis and left with "Oddfellows" to show for it. To kick off the frenzy that is sure to follow they will release a one-sided 7 inch single "Stone Letter" in Nov of 2012. The b-side is an etching by reknowned cartoonist and comics scholar, Ivan Brunetti who was also kind enough to design the album package.

So what does all of this mean? Ok, we will allow this final question. It means that Tomahawk is back! Rock and roll will be saved and destroyed. They plan to play live shows for the first time since 2003 and are willing to go anywhere as long as they can get a warm bed with cold pillows, a square meal and a boatload of cash.

Buke and Gase

As one might imagine, the two Aron(e)s have unorthodox interests. Here is a little bit about them:

Arone Dyler: originally from a small town in Minnesota. studied piano and percussion, but focused as a self-taught guitarist beginning at age 9, and sang uncontrollably even before that. technical college dropout, preferred to learn through experience. has been, among other trades, a carpenter, landscaper, cabinetmaker, article writer, bike messenger, and bike racer. enjoys bicycle-related engineering feats. has worked as a bicycle mechanic since 2003 and has traveled extensively for bike related work to places like Ghana, El Salvador and Nicaragua. customizes or makes from scratch the majority of her clothing including shoes and accessorizeable creations of the jewel-like kind. builds most of what she needs but doesn't have, unless she finds it on the street. makes great scones with goat butter. doesn't read books often, but usually gets into science/ anthropological/ philosophical non-fiction. eats meat once a week. a lot of it. no major debts.

Aron Sanchez: grew up on the coast of Maine surrounded by water, art, and lots of vinyl records. began studying piano at age 9. built first stringed instrument at 10. started 4-track recording and taking apart audio gear at 12. put them back together at 13. studied jazz bass. got a BFA at RISD. became really good with a soldering iron while listening to Arvo Part and Fugazi. moved to NYC, interned at recording studios, made guitar pedals, performed in the Blue Man Group band and worked as the musical instrument designer for Blue Man Productions. created Polyphonic Workshop, a recording studio and instrument fabrication workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and records many Brooklyn bands such as Japanther. currently lives between Brooklyn and Hudson, NY. side projects include designing tube amplifiers and ribbon microphones. likes to build and fix most anything. bedside reading: electronic schematics, Tape Op and McMaster-Carr catalogs. climbs rocks. pescatarian.



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Tomahawk with Buke and Gase

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