NY Gypsy Fest 2013: Rhythm of Rajasthan (India)

The vast unending expanse of burning hot sand that makes up the Thar Desert of Rajasthan hosts one of the most vibrant and evocative music cultures of the world. The heady, hypnotic combination of rhythm and melodies sung and played by the Langas and Manganiars are part of the eternal appeal of this mysterious and wondrous land. The soulful, full-throated voices of these two music communities have filled the cool air of the desert night for centuries in a tradition that reflects all aspects of Rajasthani life. Songs for every occasion, mood and moment; stories of legendary battles, heroes and lovers engender a spirit of identity, expressed through music that provides relief from the inhospitable land of heat and dust storms.

Be it the mesmerizing melody of the Sarangi, the foot tapping beats of the Khartal, the vibrating drone of the Morchang, the echoing beat of the Dholak, or the melodious and spell-binding Pungi, when these ancient instruments combine with the soulful voices of the singers and exotic Kalbelia dancers a magical ambience is created. One can’t help but move to the rhythm or fall into a trance like memory of far away places unvisited but made real through this enchanting music.


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