Stinking Lizaveta, Marching Teeth, Polygamyst

Stinking Lizaveta

"The Philadelphia power trio Stinking celebrating the release of an intense new record, "Sacrifice and Bliss." The band, which takes its name from a mute character in Dostoyeveky's "The Brothers Karamazov," plays heavy instrumental rock that meshes complicated and precise prog-rock passages, gloomy riffs in the Black Sabbath vein, and occasional free-jazz blowouts. Led by the melodic guitar playing of Yanni Papadopoulos and backed by a frenetic rhythm section made up of Papadopoulos's brother Alexi, on bass, and the drumer Cheshire Agusta, the group has been a linchpin in the vibrant West Philly underground since its founding, fifteen years ago. They are uncompromising in the best sense of the word." - The New Yorker


Hailing from the far reaches of intergalactic Brooklyn, NY, Polygamyst is a cosmic and mystical marriage of waves, particles, forces and entities which gives rise to a new musical idiom which we call SPACE METAL.


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