UnderCover Presents is a small grassroots collective that gathers musicians from every corner of the San Francisco Bay Area's music scene to celebrate the broad influence of classic albums. The concept is simple: bands are invited based on their enthusiasm for the album from a range of musical genres that reflect the diverse styles and cultures that make Bay Area music unique. Each band picks a different song from the album and infuses it with their distinctive sound and personality. This time: Radiohead's iconic Kid A album!

Side A
1) Everything in Its Right Place - Rob Ewing's Disappear Incompletely ft. Dominiqe Leone (New Electro-Jazz)
2) Kid A - Gamelan X ft. Kid Beyond (Gamelan Fusion/Bali)
3) The National Anthem - DRMS (Noir Pop)
4) How to Disappear Completely - Elizabeth Setzer and La Tania (Flamenco/Balkan Fusion)
5) Treefingers - Gojogo (Classical Fusion/Modern Jazz)

Side B
6) Optimistic - Bang Data (Latin Hip-Hop Fusion)
7) In Limbo - Battlehooch (Shapeshifting Orchestral Rock)
8) Idioteque - Kid Beyond ft. ghostNOTES. + Classical Revolution (Electronic/String Chamber)
9) Morning Bell - The George Hurd Ensemble (Classical Meets Electronic)
10) Motion Picture Soundtrack - Bells (Afro Indie Soul)

Guest Music Director: Elizabeth Setzer


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RADIOHEAD'S KID A UNDERCOVER (3rd night added!) with with DRMS, Battlehooch, Kid Beyond, Bells Atlas, and more

Monday, February 25 · 7:30 PM at Rickshaw Stop

Tickets Available at the Door