Tiki Houseman, Paul Manousos

Tiki Houseman

Tiki Houseman releases her debut solo CD titled, "Your Dark Cloud" in spring 2013. The CD features legendary session player Darryl St. John, who played with the late Ronnie Montrose, Michael Broadus from Saints of Ruin, Velia Armansingham from Her Rebel Highness, GG Tanaka, and the duo Genna and Jesse.

A bass player/comedian,  Houseman's first instrument was the violin, which she began playing at age 7 and took lessons from her great aunt, who played with Frank Sinatra, Elvis and the Sacramento Symphony. She moved on to classical and flamenco guitar, but fell in love with the bass when she became more attracted to rhythm and blues.

Houseman writes the majority of songs on her vintage Fender Jazz.

 She has held the bass chair at Sacramento City College's Commercial Music Ensemble, coached a summer band camp at Skip's Music and played in too many garage band/projects to count.

Paul Manousos

With the seeming nonchalance of one who has nothing but time on his side, Paul Manousos has walked a quiet line for much of his career, one that some might say has left him a shadow figure on the current musical map, particularly on his home turf; the San Francisco Bay Area. But lack of hyperbole aside, Paul's musical talents are rich and well-tested. From coast to coast, here and abroad, in darkened dens and smoke-ringed dives, through gilded former movie palaces  and the slightly less ornate living rooms of friends and fans Paul has shown that above all, his voice is the main game.  That voice, with its power and nuance that easily keeps company with such greats as Otis Redding, Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello and Roy Orbison yet stands so firmly on its own merits — huge, expressive, and unmistakably Paul's own.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that it is only the voice. Paul is also an accomplished crafter of songs that consistently strike gold with his listeners. He makes certain when he lets it all go, he lets it go with something to say. His are songs that will touch your heart, soothe your soul, feed your head and feel totally great when you sing them to yourself in the shower.

Sit Kitty Sit

Born in 2010, Sit Kitty Sit has without question invented the term "Classical Rock". 
Kat Downs (piano/vox) and Mike Thompson (drums) create an undeniable pop/proggy piano and drum duo which has been described as Dresden Dolls mixed with Florence + Machine, Tori Amos, & Ben Folds Five. 

"...the two of them create some freaking awesome sounds" 
- Susan Burrows, www.VicariousLines.com 

Following their initial debut EP, "The Push", in September of 2010, SKS became known for consistently thrilling audiences with their energetically intense live performances.

No holds barred, this group produces addictive rock n' roll - with only two people, and not one guitar in sight. 

"However you slice it though, this music rocks... It’s unique and captivating." 
- Gary Hill, Music Street Journal 

February 2012 saw the release of their much anticipated sophomore album, "Beautiful/Terrible" released by the new independent label, Gun Horse Records. The album was introduced to the public on February 3, 2012 at San Francisco's legendary live music venue, Bottom of the Hill. 

“Stripped to it's bare essentials; some classy piano leads render a kooky-ish slice of pop music, complimented by some fantastic vocal melodicism from Bay Area's Sit Kitty Sit” 
- MusicHype.com - MusicHype.com

Formed in 2009, Oakland based indie rockers, Felsen have just finished their 3rd album Breaking Up With Loneliness which was released December 9, 2011. The album is the culmination of 2 years of constant performing, touring, wood-shedding and songwriting and now they’ve clearly produced their finest effort to date. The new album’s producer, Jonathan “JP” Parker (who has worked with Wilco, the Fray, Andrew Bird, the Redwalls & Liz Phair) early on in the process said “the new songs may very well be the best batch of raw songs that I have encountered since Wilco's Summerteeth (period)”.

“Breaking Up With Loneliness is an instant classic, presenting a non-stop string of smart and memorable songs...almost all of which sound like hits you've never heard before.”

G.G. Tanaka Electric Band


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