The Moore Brothers

"The Moore Brothers have been making music since the late '80s, but their fifth and latest, Aptos, arrives on the heels of a publicity boost courtesy of fellow Californian Joanna Newsom. The duo joined Newsom on 2007 her European tour, and she puts in a guest appearance here, contributing harp to "Good Heart, Money and Rain." The wider exposure is certainly merited: Aptos is, while humble and unassuming, compelling from start to finish, and both brothers are first-rate singers and songwriters. The Moore Brothers' sound is consistent throughout, generally consisting of sparse arrangements of guitars, bass and drums, which leave ample room for the flawless harmonies that are nearly ubiquitous. Despite the acoustic guitars and harmonizing, the brothers deal less in folk than in light pop. While they aren't strongly evocative of any particular group or period, they clearly owe a debt to mellow early '70s fare (Simon and Garfunkel in the harmonies, CSN on the David Crosby-esque "Aptos", and America on the radio-ready chorus of 'Heard About You')." --Dusted

Madeline Tasquin

Madeline Tasquin Streicek is a songwriter/composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, mammal. Neé British Columbia, based in California.

Canadian-Californian composer & songstress Madeline Streicek was born to an opera singer mother and gold miner father in the bustling logging town of Quesnel, BC. After living in Sydney for 6 years where she was pursuing a career in architecture, she found herself craving the unknown and decided to relocate to Berkeley, CA. There she completed her degree, rediscovered her love of music and performance, and has remained since 2006. With the moniker of ‘Mana Maddy’ or her middle name ‘Tasquin,’ Madeline delivers her carefully crafted songs with the same palpable electricity on stage that won over fans of Bay Area progressive rock group Antioquia, the band that she thanks for thrusting her back on the path of music upon her arrival in California.

Madeline’s songwriting hints at her country/classical upbringing, fusing the compositional tendencies of the Late Romantic era with the lyrical sensibilities of singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. Superimposed upon those influences are her fascination with polyrhythm and cross-rhythm, French chanson, and the traditional black gospel music of North America. The net result is sophisticated, yet highly accessible, perhaps in part to Madeline’s charming and personable stage presence.

Madeline credits her keen ear for harmony to the countless hours she spent singing with her mother and two younger sisters, especially on long car trips between the BC Cariboo and the Lower Mainland. Also key to her informal musical training was her experience as lead vocalist and keyboardist of progressive rock / Afro-Colombian fusion band Antioquia, a group she was heavily involved with for over 4 years until March 2011, when she joined the folk/blues band Whiskerman as backup vocalist and keyboardist. Since leaving Whiskerman in August 2011 she has been wholeheartedly pursuing a path as a composer/songwriter under her own name, as well as performing in various groups including The Bug Family Band and Red Steppes.

Madeline’s voice is textured with the richness of Jazz, the frailty of folk, the passion of gospel or blues and the clarity of opera. In solo appearances, she accompanies herself on piano, concert ukulele or guitar; ankle bells and foot stomps provide a lively percussion section. Madeline also performs accompanied by members of her band-family: multi-instrumentalist Dan Cantrell, bassist Oscar Westesson, drummer Chris Lauf, and a rotating cast of backup vocalists.

The Family Crest

"While vying to collect more musicians onstage than the Decemberists or Arcade Fire, The Family Crest harbors an affection for Burt Bacharach-style swingin' romanticism that is sure to impress lovers of classical pop. " - The San Francisco Chronicle

"They take their earnest, anthemic cue from Arcade Fire, but the presence of so many string and wind instruments and the talents of frontman Liam McCormick put them on a unique frequency. When, 3 or so songs into their set, they reveal a horn section in the balcony above the dance floor, they pretty much have everyone eating out of their hands." - The Bay Bridged

"The Family Crest have crafted a vibrant collection of stadium-sized anthems and reflective ballads, unified by soaring melodies, lush arrangements, and singer/guitarist Liam McCormick's persuasively personal lyricism. Intricately orchestrated songs like North and Got Soul are animated by a dramatic sonic scope, thanks to the ensemble's remarkable communal instrumentation conveying an ardent yearning for emotional release. Such exuberant and evocative music invites a powerful kinship between the band and its audience, a bond which only serves to stir the Bay Area-based collective's creative spirit. Join the family." - Kata Rokkar

"The Family Crest proves that collaboration – and even inclusion of fans in the creative process – stirs creativity and allows for a fruitful blending of sounds… As interesting as the clever incorporation of classical music into modern musical genres (really, you just have to listen to these guys) is the story of how one guy's project to create a unique sound ended up involving hundreds of individuals known as the "Extended Family." By additionally blurring the lines between talent and audience, The Family Crest are a growing force to be reckoned with." - Daily BR!NK

"Their songs can vary quite widely from symphonic, to cabaret, to a flat-out rock and roll ruckus. It is hard to say which place they fall into most often, and given the instrumentation it's easy to think it might be a little too down tempo, but have no doubt when the last note is played it is clear that above all else they are a rock band at heart." - Seismic-Sound



((We are sorry to report that Jesca Hoop has cancelled her headling tour. Tickets are refundable via, but we encourage you to keep your plans and hear the amazing voices of The Moore Brothers, The Family Crest, and Mana Maddy. Thank you)) ******* Advanced Tickets are available online until 5pm on the day of the show and a reserve of tickets are generally available at the door that night, unless posted on the Starry Plough website, Facebook and Twitter pages as sold out.

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