Juan Atkins

Juan Atkins

Widely known as The Godfather of Techno, Juan Atkins had founded the genre himself with two other Belleville High School classmates, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. Since those times he’s defined the game with countless successful projects including Model 500 and Cybotron. Flash forward to 2012, you can find Juan Atkins touring the globe and still playing anywhere from Ibiza and Berlin to festivals like Movement and WMC. Come Join Mr. Atkins this winter for an extended set full of classic and contemporary tracks.

Contakt [TURRBOTAX®]

The monthly Turrbotax parties have become a staple in New York’s underground electronic music scene, catering to dancers looking for a different club experience. At the head of the party/label, along with Rem Koolhaus is cofounder and resident DJ, Contakt. Throughout the years, the label heads have refined their parties to ban photography and withhold lineup information to remind people that, “Turrbotax is not an indie-rock concert; it’s a loud, banging, sweaty dance party.” With his far-reaching collection of electronic music drawing from UK influences, classic New York garage, Chicago house, and Detroit techno, he’s bound to curate a set that will get the party bumping.

$17.00 - $20.00

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