All the Memory in the World

All the Memory in the World

The Broken Altar
Mike Rollo
16mm on Video., 20 min., 2012, Canada

“The Broken Altar is a portrait of open-air theaters documented under the strange light of day, emptied of the once present hum of human voices, radioed-in soundtracks, and tires on gravel. Scripting the landscape and exploring the residue of a cinematic history, The Broken Altar forms a sculptural treatment of the architectural artifacts of these abandoned and barren spaces: speaker boxes rise from tall grass like grave markers and the screens themselves are monumental, sepulchral in their peeling whiteness.” (MR)

All the Memory in the World
Mike Olenick
Video, 72 min., 2013, USA, World Premiere

“Years in the making and edited from over 400 feature films, All the Memory in the World is a feature-length stream of consciousness meditation focusing on cinema, memory, photography, identity, and dreams. An insomniac narrates lucidly from his memory of the entire history of cinema – a never-ending landscape filled with recurring characters, meta-images, and deconstructed tropes of cinema.” (MO)

Mike Olenick is a filmmaker, editor, cinematographer, and photographer. In his work, he obsessively mines archives of information – often cinematic, and he appropriates, remembers, restages, and re-edits this material into other cinematic works. His films often focus on cinematic images, movie stars and films that have been forgotten or that can be remembered in a new way…



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