Shorts Program Five: Hitting on the Head Lessons

Shorts Program Five: Hitting on the Head Lessons

Mountain Lying Down
Lorenzo Gattorna
16mm on Video, 3 min., 2012, USA

“The title signifies the Paiute name for the north rim plateau of the Grand Canyon, a massive gorge in the state of Arizona and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Turbulence and tranquility gain exposure at enthralling elevations. Strata are uplifted through edges of contrast caused by severe slants of the sun. The scope of the sacred site reaches translation in static brevity, unearthing billions of years of sedimentary rock sequences.” (LG)

Terra Long
Video, 12 min., 2012, Canada

“Latent in the dinosaur drawings of five year old Morgan is a narrative of power and the monstrous. As an adult Morgan finds his first-grade class assignment, and discovers in it an allegory for his father's tyrannical cruelty and control over his family. Through stories, found, and original footage, Morgan's memories of abuse are woven into the seemingly innocuous images of childhood.” (TL)

πουλιά (Ornithes)
Gabriel Abrantes
16mm on Video, 16 min., 2012, Portugal

“Pagan folk myth is juxtaposed with ancient Greek comedy as three Haitian girls witness disparate forms of storytelling. An old man tells the tale of his wife’s transformation into a goat. In a local village, an elaborately costumed theatre group performs Aristophanes’ Birds in the original Attic language.” (GA)

Ben: In the Mind's Eye
Iva Radivojevic
16mm on Video, 13 min., 2012, USA

“Ben is a diagnosed schizophrenic. Unable to fit into society’s mold or support himself, he finds home in music. It keeps him alive and gives meaning to his life. Wanting desperately to express himself, he lends his thoughts in this film.” (IR)

The Name Is Not The Thing Named
Deborah Stratman
Video, 11 min., 2012, USA

“In support of experiences that are essentially common, but to which language does not easily adhere, the video passes through places that are both themselves, and stand-ins for others.  The title is taken from Aleister Crowley’s 1918 translation of the Tao Te Ching.” (DS)

17 New Dam Rd.
Dani Leventhal
Video, 9 min., 2012, USA

“We are invited along on a house visit with a familial group. There’s trash in the garden, guns on the sofa, and martial arts in the living room. A photo session records a young woman throwing punches at a man, playacting for the camera, but sweating anyway. A kitten ignores the bullets littered on the ground. Despite the foregrounding of violent pursuits, lost teeth, and pool hall fights, there’s a rough camaraderie here, a feeling of loyalty and belonging.” —Abina Manning

Por Dinero
Brendan & Jeremy Smyth
16mm on Video, 31 min., 2012, Mexico/USA

“An experimental documentary observing an undocumented Mexican immigrant, his indigenous family, and their dying language. The film is tied together by quotes from an ancient Mayan hero.”



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