Shorts Program 4: Elizabethan Pornography Smugglers

Shorts Program 4: Elizabethan Pornography Smugglers

Hex Suffice Cache Ten
Thorsten Fleisch
Video, 12 min., 2012, Germany

“A surreal escape of a disintegrating mind into neon-lit nightmares from a discarded future. Suddenly interferences from subparticle proliferation occur within the protagonist's body, a transformation can't be avoided. This exploration of cinematic space within an implosion of cerebral space is a daring tale of aliens, experiments on humans, video games, and mutation. It is showering the unsuspecting viewer in handmade visual and aural stimuli from planet Fleisch.” (TF)

Tony Lawrence
Super-8 on Video, 7 min., 2012, Australia

“A beautiful girl sees beyond her reflection in the mirror.” (TL)

Miss Candace Hilligoss' Flickering Halo
Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core
Video, 13 min., 2011, Italy

"There is a distance (short, eternal) between us and our image of reality. Even between thought and action, between thought and language, there is a similar lapse, necessary to transmit the signal via electrical impulses from the brain to different parts of the body. This is a film about this distance, about the interval simultaneously separating and uniting, the silence between words, the black between pictures. It 's a film against the dialectical opposites in cinema, assembled according to the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the use of the phenomenon of retinal persistence as an expressive tool." (FS)

The Grand Design
Midi Onodera
Super-8 on Video, 9 min., 2012, Canada

“Filmed in scrumptious outdated super 8, The Grand Design is a glimpse into the reflections of a dying burlesque performer. Vintage black and white clips from stag films of the 1950s are juxtaposed against a muted Tuscan landscape, the home and final resting place of the unnamed woman. The Grand Design is an unapologetic look back at an unconventional life, lived to its fullest, in an almost forgotten moment of pop culture.” (MO)

Story of the Eye
Nicole Jefferson Asher
Video, 12 min., 2012, USA

'Starring performance artist Kevin Blechdom, who is also the film's composer, Story of the Eye is a feminist re-interpretation of Georges Bataille's classic 1920s transgressive novella of the same name, set to opera. Our male, and very unreliable narrator, Georges (played by Graham Skipper), reminisces about his first sexual encounters with the enchanting vixen, Simone. As the encounters become increasingly perverse, the two characters struggle for power and dominance, bringing their tale to a horrific climax.” (NA)

Substance: Jam
Merkulova Natalia
Video, 12 min, 2012, Russia

“Sometimes people want get rid of something annoying. But the result may be unpredictable. It all started with a simple jar of jam...” (MN)

The Last Blood Orgy
Kenny Reed
Video, 26 min., 2012, USA

"A filmmaker travels to Chicago for the film festival that's screening her latest work, but she soon discovers that the festival curators have an ulterior motive for inviting her. Things take a more sinister turn, as the title would suggest. " (KR)



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