Shorts Program 3: How Not To Be Seen

Shorts Program 3: How Not To Be Seen

The Sea [is still] Around Us
Hope Tucker
Video, 4 min., 2012, USA

"Rachel Carson is dead, but the sea is still around us. This small lake is a sad reminder of what is taking place, in some degree, all over the land, from carelessness, shortsightedness, and arrogance. It is our pool of shame in this 'our particular instant of time'." -- E.B. White, 1964

Une Terre Familière
Marianna Milhorat
Video, 18 min., 2012, USA

“Where is there to belong to?  To not feel strange?  To not ask permission?  Ground.  Home.  A familiar land.” (MM)

Mosaic Do Porto
Robert Todd
16mm, 3 min., 2012, USA

“How a place of love is observed, in small pieces, all at once: picture movement through and across the city - Porto, Portugal..” (RT)

Should I Stand Amid Your Breakers Or Should I Lie With Death My Bride
Marcy Saude
super-8 on Video, 5 min., 2012, USA/The Netherlands

“A line from a Tim Buckley song spawns an extremely literal film. Figures in a haunted landscape, mediated by nature and the individual frame, accompanied by field recordings from a broken tape recorder.” (MS)

Oaxaca Tohoku
Pablo Mazzolo
35mm on Video, 12 min., 2012, Argentina

“On March 11, 2011, there was an earthquake in the coastal region of Tohoku, Japan. The rupture of tectonic plates expanded through an area of 100,000 square kilometers. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, in the coastal area of Oaxaca, Mexico, a tsunami alert was issued.” (PM)

Benjamin Balcolm
16mm, 17 min., 2012, USA

“primitive is a small hand-processed film cycle, constructed from individual fragments, which represents a primordial experience of looking at the world.  Nothing has been encountered before and everything contains an immense energy.  The earth shivers in repose.  Objects exceed enumeration.  Form is embedded in the pathways connecting the palm of the hand to the branches of the tree.” (BB)

Arm Pit
Teohua Villalobos
Video, 11 sec., 2012, USA

“A subliminal spoon feeding of expressions.” (TV)

Hay Algo Y Se Va. (There is something. Now it's gone.)
Kimberly Forero-Arnias
16mm, 3 min., 2013, USA

“Family footage is gathered and sifted to create a perpetual sea of bodies, gestures, and gazes that collide to create a familiar yet estranging reunion.” (KF)

Our Summer Made Her Light Escape
Sasha Waters Freyer
16mm, 5 min., 2012, USA

“A wordless, 16mm portrait of interiority, maternal ambivalence, and the passage of time. Sobful to the speaking beings, there is a breeding fever burnout, ou presque. Our Summer Made Her Light Escape explores both the beauty and the quotidian cruelties of the natural world right outside one’s door: a crippled bee, a mole in its death throes, a smashed robin’s egg.” (SF)

Mariah Garnett
Video, 20 min., 2011, USA

“Picaresques experiments with documentary and fictional structures, weaving portraits of three seemingly disparate protagonists together to ultimately create a film about the act of making something. The filmmaker sets out to make a movie about Catalina de Erauso, a nun-turned-conquistador from the 16th century who wrote a memoir called Lieutenant Nun. She quickly becomes side-tracked, however, by a relationship she develops with a 10-year-old through the process of casting, and the film turns in on itself. Multiple strategies and media are employed to challenge the binary notions of documentary and fiction.” (MG)



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