Pig Death Machine

Pig Death Machine

Kent Lambert
Video, 5 min., 2012, USA

Footage courtesy of Chicago Film Archives. Music by CAVE. Video assembly by Kent Lambert.

Pig Death Machine
Jon Moritsugu & Amy Davis
Video, 84 min., 2013, USA, World Premiere

The Chicago Underground Film Festival is totally psyched to present the World Premiere of Jon Moritsugu and Amy Davis's Pig Death Machine, the first film from the notorious cult filmmakers in a decade!

“After eating rotten meat, a brainless brunette is transformed into a dangerous genius, while in a Doctor Doolittle twist, a misanthropic-punk-rock-botanist-babe gains the power to talk to plants. Dreams become nightmares as they choke on the sweet nectar of envy and desire. Starring Amy Davis, Hannah Levbarg, Victor of Aquitaine, and Tucker Bennett. With music by Monte Cazazza, Meri St. Mary, I Am Spoonbender, Deerhoof, Dirty Beaches, Polvo, Early Man, and Low On High.

“Everyone who has half a brain and even a milligram of taste knows that Jon Moritsugu is a LIVING FUCKING UNDERGROUND MOVIE GOD” - 2003 New York Underground Film Festival

See Low on High, Jon and Amy's band Saturday night at Township!



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